Late Night Texts with BUS

Valentine’s Day is coming up and like many people I don’t have a valentine. Don’t cry for me–unless you want to. In that case, cry all you want. However, the other night, I was alone and cold with no one to text other than my mom (she barely responds), so I decided to text the always responsive Brown Shuttle and see if it was down to late night hang.


Classic late night text: “Are you up? Oh you are? Wanna make out and watch Always Sunny?” One hundred percent of the time someone actually responds, “Yes!”


Double checking about the boyfriend in a passive way? Duh, I know you don’t have a boyfriend. You’re a shuttle service!


I thought things were going well, then all of a sudden it started throwing this “Server Error” bullshit at me. Server Error, what does that even mean? I thought you said you were single…


Acting mad, but pretending not to be…classic college shuttle service move. Whats my number? Uh, it’s 1-800-So-Over-It.

 Fishing so hard right now. I am basically the Bass Pro Shops of late night texting busses.


RISD Rides, a night I will never forget. I don’t want to be too crass, but I sat in the front and back seat all night!


Whatever, I’m going to eat a Spicy With alone in bed. At least a Spicy With will understand me.

jim eating

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