Senior Week schedule released


Class Coordinating Board 2015 has released the details on this year’s Senior Week. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, take a look at all the fun that awaits you in the oh-so-distant future. Seniors, feast your eyes on the schedule for the last week of your Brown careers, and contemplate your impending mortality:

Friday, May 15

Commencement Kickoff: Pick up your cap and gown and the bracelets you need for all future Senior Week events.

Movie Night: Toy Story 3 + beer garden + snacks = pure happiness.

Saturday, May 16

Unit Wars: Will “Best Unit” Champlin knock off freshman year champs Wayland? Only one way to find out.

Time Capsule Reception: I’m not sure which is more terrifying: that our 25th reunion is in 2040, or the prospect of how much weird stuff is going to be in this time capsule.

Last Chance Disorientation Dance: Turns out CCB likes to facilitate Senior Scramble moves. Per the site’s description of the dance:

Through an anonymous online matching system, submit up to 7 seniors with whom you have always wanted a “last chance.” Then, on the night of the dance, receive an email notification of any matches (if you put someone who has also put you).

Yay for Brown ’15 Tinder! Oh, and it’s neon-themed.

Sunday, May 17

Class Day: Barbecue. Binder. Battlestar Galactica. Need I say more?

Magic Show: Supposedly Andrew Evans ’09 is a magic genius who will attempt to make Salomon disappear.

Senior Formal: It’s a cash bar. I repeat, it’s a cash bar. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t leave your wallet at home. Nevertheless, I’m not one to turn down an opportunity for formal wear.

Monday, May 18

Charity Drive: In addition to hosting a clothing/non-perishable food drive, CCB has partnered up with Cookies for a Cause. It’s a great way to give back, and it’s paired with yet another Super Heavy Petting. Remember not to feed the animals any cookies.

President’s Reception: Party at Paxson’s house!!! Help present Brown with our Senior Gift at the reception.

Night at Colosseum: Don’t lie. You wanted to relive that time from freshman year that you walked what seemed like forever down Pine Street to the magical land of Colosseum. Here’s your chance.

Tuesday, May 19

Etiquette Lunch: Because one day, you will dine with the Queen, and you will thank CCB for providing you with the option of attending this lunch. And the food should be awesome, too.

Casino Night at Mohegan Sun: Perhaps the most debaucherous night of Senior Week. I look forward to seeing at least one member of the class of 2015 win big.

Wednesday, May 20

Behind-the-Scenes Day: I didn’t know we had a CCV Cave or a Plant Environmental Center, so I’ll definitely have to check this one out.

Student-Faculty Mixer: There will be cheese, but more importantly there will be fine wine. Seeing professors drink is like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.

Last Meal at the Ratty: At which you finally get the recipe for cajun chicken pasta out of Gail.

Thursday, May 21

Yoga on the Green: Some yoga will definitely be in order after the dangerous combination of Senior Formal and Casino Night. By this time, you’ll be easing your way into a weekend of extended family congratulating you on your making it through Brown.

Ice Cream Social: Let’s try to make this even more awkward than the first round. Any questions besides name, hometown, and dorm are strictly off-limits.

Senior Regional Meet-Ups: Hang out with old friends and make some new ones. You never know who might be joining you in Gelsenkirchen.

Phew. I just got nostalgic from writing this up. See you all there. Maybe it will have stopped snowing by May.

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