FlogDailyHerald: Chicken finger (no)Fri(es)day

Ah, chicken finger Friday: the long lines, the weekly arrival of honey mustard at the VDub, and, much to my chagrin, the consistent absence of fries. Why does the VDub, which seems to serve fries every other day and meal of the week, decide to forgo the crispy potatoes on chicken finger Friday, when it would be most obvious to include the oily side dish?

Chicken finger Friday is a staple of Brown dining, so much so that it caused a slight panic when cancelled, and uproar when moved, unannounced, to a different weekday. It’s marked by the noon and 1 p.m. rushes, the long line on the “ice cream machine” side of the VDub, and the forgotten, near-barren line on the “waffle maker” side.

Where's the fries?

Where are the fries??

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your chicken fingers each Friday at the VDub. Pile them on some bread, along with some lettuce, tomato, and dressing, at the daily bars to make a club sandwich. Pair them with rice from the soup bar and add on the Asian-style sauce served next to the barbecue and honey mustard for a pathetically inauthentic sort of teriyaki chicken. You could also always pile one or two fingers right on top of your favorite salad. My personal favorite? Make yourself a waffle and add some syrup for some real Friday down-home comfort food.

Nevertheless, even with the availability of classic condiments, chicken finger Friday is consistently devoid of fries. How am I supposed to imitate my favorite Applebee’s platter when I’m left without the Idaho goodness I crave?

While the Ratty offers some sort of fries every day, it never serves the chicken fingers that have made a VDub visit a pre-weekend staple. A spicy with and fries is barely a consolation, considering the extra time and distance necessary to head to Jo’s (and if I’m walking to Jo’s late at night, let’s be honest, I’m getting mozzarella sticks). Andrews and Blue Room don’t even attempt to appease my craving for a chicken finger/fries combo.

Get it together, VDub. For as often as you serve tater tots during breakfast, or offer curly fries alongside pepperoni-ridden dry pasta casserole “cavatini,” you can offer fries as a (long overdue) appropriate side option. After all, you are the Kanye of dining halls, and even he had to check himself at this year’s Grammys. Put the fry back in Friday.

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