Skewers opened (… and it’s not great)


Let me premise this post by saying I really, really wanted to  like Skewers. First of all, I am a fan of cheap, to-go, Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine. I was excited to return from break to find this obnoxious, kind of ugly sign above the old Thayer Street Cleansers location promising kabob wraps–kabob wraps that would be about three blocks closer to my house than East Side Pockets! Then, a week later, we at BlogDH discovered their Facebook page:



And so my excitement about Skewers only grew. Seriously, falafels and typos are two of my favorite things. A typo as awkward as that can make me laugh for a week or two. Also considering the fact that sharing their Facebook page from Blog’s got them a solid 20 likes, I thought Kaboobs and I could be good friends. (They still haven’t added anything to their Facebook page or corrected the typo. Their website also looks like this, so it seemed like they would fit in perfectly with the many odd and dysfunctional Thayer establishments we love).

Unfortunately, Skewers is just not very good. It’s actually kinda bad. My first tip-off was when a fellow blogger, who’d actually fought me for this joy of reviewing Kaboobs Skewers, sent me this screenshot of his newsfeed:



While that is just one person’s opinion, the kid’s right. Although I can only report on what I had–a gyro wrap–it was… bad, comprising of a stale-tasting wrap combined with suspicious and sort of inedible meat. Eventually, I tried to make the most of my $6.99, by unwrapping it, throwing away the meat, and using a fork to pick at the rice, lentils, and vegetables.


Maybe just don’t get the meat and everything will be ok.

But it’s not all bad! Food aside: it has the aesthetic a great drunk eatery (i.e. it’s not a weird shape like Baja’s. Baja’s is so delicious! Why is it the narrowest place on Earth?!). Everyone there was really nice (i.e. the lady called me honey). The other good news here is that East Side Pockets has nothing to worry about.

All in all, I miss Thayer Street Cleansers. The fact that it wasn’t “Cleaners” but “Cleansers,” that’s what I miss most.


Very doable drunk eating spot.


[A previous version of this post said the writer ate a gyro falafel wrap. It was actually just a gyro wrap.]

Images via Deena Butt ’16.


  1. Iyad Owen-Elia

    I strongly disagree with this review. I was equally excited for Skewers, and it absolutely lived up to my expectations. My first time at Skewers, I got the chicken kabob wrap, and it was delicious and moist. I haven’t tried the gyro wrap, so I can’t say whether it’s actually dry or not. I’ve since ordered the fattoush salad, which was light, fresh, and refreshing, and the middle eastern vegetarian wrap, which was satisfying and had fried eggplant, a nice alternative to falafel. The menu is creative and super flavorful while still being the most authentic middle eastern food that I’ve found in Providence. I highly recommend that everyone reading this article form their own opinions by going out and trying Skewers … I have a feeling you won’t regret it.

  2. Alon

    This article is utter nonsense. Skewers is fantastic. It is quite possible that their gyro is not very good, but their lamb and steak are fucking phenomenal and their vegetables taste fresh. I fucking love ESP, but it gives them a run for their money

  3. Albert Anderson

    I too disagree with this review. Best ‘kaboob’ I’ve had outside of Bucharest, and that’s saying something.

  4. Roque

    I hesitate to reiterate what all 3 commenters have said before me, but I really found that this review is certainly not indicative of the restaurant. The meat is on display before it’s cooked and it looks great, and tastes great too. The lamb was absolutely delicious! And all of the options! Not to mention that they are included in the price. Certainly an affordable eatery, and very much worth the price! Would recommend.

  5. Steven J

    Update as of 3/29: the review is SPOT ON. My meal was a chicken wrap. Chicken was dry and stringy, wrap was stale and grainy, and overall flavor was just salt.

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