Duncan Sheik is coming to see Spring Awakening

Duncan Sheik ’92 is famous for, among other things, writing the music for the Tony-Award-winning musical Spring Awakening, which opened last night at Brown. Amelia Scaramucci ’17, who stars in the production as Wendla Bergmann, tweeted at Sheik that his alma mater is putting on the show.

Which caused him to start following her on Twitter… 11026363_10152647968372478_2040241754_n  

According to Scaramucci, this eventually led to an email from his manager notifying her that he would be coming on Saturday night, after which he will be leading a talk back about the show. Oh, the power of Twitter.

[Update: apparently Sheik is as excited to see us as we are to see him]


Images via Amelia Scaramucci ’17. 

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