Last Call: Danny Sobor

As the semester progresses at the speed of light, the senior class is beginning to make peace with that fateful day in May: Commencement. Until the class of 2015 leaves us, BlogDH wants to highlight all the interesting things they’ve been up to. To this end, we’re (re)starting the series Last Call, which features seniors reflecting on their experiences at Brown. Each featured senior will tag another senior for the next installment. Find the other Brown Last Call chain here and RISD Last Call chain here

Then + Now

Then + Now

People might know me as… Based/Clyde Lawrence’s friend/ ††Slug Christ 2.0††.

In my time at Brown, I am most proud of… MILC (formerly Milk Supply Co). It’s my baby. I launched the site on my 21st birthday junior year. In the year and a half since then, MILC has been picked up in stores, written up in blogs from Cali to the UK, and sponsored a pop-up show in Chicago with original artwork and clothes. I’m still working on it and things keep picking up (on the low). The experience has taught me about inventory, manufacturing, networking, marketing, design, overall hustling, etc. Also it’s been really fun. By far the most grueling/rewarding/educational experience in my time here.

On a Friday night, you might find yourself… Cooking in the kitchen.

 The best class/professor at Brown is… Other classes can finish but Art of the Book with Lara Henderson is the best class of all time. Students get access to the John Hay print shop which has incredibly rare printing presses that only a dozen or so students can use per semester. Also: shout-out to Joseph Pucci as the best professor.  

Three things you wish you knew freshman year… 1) This school is smaller than you think. 2) The street sign you and Adam put in your Emery dorm room is going to slip and seriously damage the wall, you idiot, you don’t even need a street sign, why would you possibly need a full street sign with the pole still attached throw it away. 3) The best way to make friends is to find the toughest person you know and beat them up.

Ratty vs. V-Dub? V-Dub tatted on my chest.

The best random thing you did in your time at Brown is… Halloweekend freshman year, my friend Jacob and I got turned away from Whiskey (I don’t know how, we were both dressed as sexy cats). We’d had a few and walked to the factory across the river and climbed to the top. It took a while. Lots of jumping and makeshift ladders. Jacob was a gymnast in high school. I don’t condone felony trespassing or unsafe climbing but man, what a view. Warm autumn night with the city quietly glowing beneath us; unforgettable. I also once ate 30 chicken McNuggets and listened to Phil Collins on repeat til I passed out omg I’m so random.

One thing you wish you had done… Accepted one of Kappi‘s dozens of invites to go out with her over the years, and, in her words, “be the Ye to [her] Kim K.”  

After graduation, you plan to… Move to Detroit, get into the art scene and proceed to work until I make it and/or die.

What’s the hardest class you’ve taken at Brown? If you could do it over, would you still take it? CS15. If I could do it over I’d pass.

What’s been the most rewarding extracurricular that you’ve been a part of during your four years? Why? Brown Concert Agency. It’s been awesome to have a job in which no matter what you do or how hard you try basically everyone still hates you. It’s liberating. Honestly though, trying to find acts that will cater to the largest group of people/are not at Coachella/ put on good live shows/ are within our budget is like working on a year-long puzzle. It’s incredibly rewarding when the pieces fall into place and the whole show and Brown community come together for an amazing two day event. Shout-outs to the hardworking group of people that have been putting together the event since August, especially my senior pals Phillipe Roberts and Caroline Seyler. Oh and Lil’ Meatspin.

Also PSA we don’t have the money to get Drake I want to be on my Worst Behavior too but we can’t so please stop asking.

Sum up your thesis in one sentence, lolmythesis style. Art that uses your brain to make your eyes hurt.

One piece of advice for underclassmen? Get out of the bubble. Brown is great but it’s also an overbearing, incestuous, creatively constricting and secretly conservative hellhole masquerading as a bastion of liberalism and “free thought.” It’s easy to get caught up in the scene. Providence is blooming with culture, go see a show at the Met, eat off the hill, hit up the Rhode Island desert, walk in one direction for two hours, take a bus to Newport, get a bike and ride to Woonsocket – I don’t care what it is, but seriously, get out once in a while. It’s good for you.

Kappi’s question: If you renamed the USA, what would you call it? Sad New Britain, alternately Sweet Baby Ray’s Land of Plains, Mountains and Bears alternately FLEXnation 1992.

Who are you tagging next? Layla Heidari

Question for Layla: What is the least eco-friendly thing you’ve ever done?


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