It Takes Two: Jessica Laird ’17 and Nicole Enriquez ’17

A little refresher: Brown has 6,264 undergrads, 2,094 grad students, and 490 med students. Someway, somehow, a lot of these people look like each other. You might not know their names, and you might not be friends with them, but you know these pairs exist. And don’t you just want to tell them? We definitely do.

After a semester hiatus, BlogDH decided it was high time to get back in the doppelgangin’ matchmaking game. We’re getting Brown’s doppelgangers together, face to face, and often for the first time.

Meet Jessica and Nicole, both sophomores in Kappa Alpha Theta (so definitely not meeting for the first time). So Jessica and Nicole are, like, sisters? Sisters!? More like twins! Check out Jessica and Nicole interviewing each other after the jump.

jessica and nicole

Jessica (left) and Nicole (right)

Jessica: So, fun fact…my name was almost Nicole, and it’s my middle name.

Nicole: Also, no one has ever confused us because of the crazy height difference.

Jessica: We’re the tall and short versions of each other.

Nicole: We look more alike on Facebook and in pictures. It’s definitely when I laugh that my cheekbones look more like yours.

Jessica: Yeah, and we’re in the same sorority. If Nicole knocked on her floor, that’s my ceiling!

Nicole: Not representative of our height.

jessica and nicole 2

Hey Jessica, are you sure Nicole isn’t your little?

Jessica: Who do people say is your celebrity doppelgänger?

Nicole: Hmm…Selena Gomez.

Jessica: I always get Miranda Cosgrove, especially during the Drake and Josh years.

Nicole: Wait, OMG same! You’re totally right.

Nicole: If you could be any emoji, which would you be?

Jessica: Wait, I have to look through them. Okay, my most used is the monkey going like this (covers her mouth with both hands), but my favorite one is the squid because it’s really cute.

Nicole: I think I’d be the girl dancing in the red dress or the one who is a waitress/being really sassy.

Nicole: If you could eat at only one campus eatery what would it be?

Jessica: I’m off meal-plan, but probably the Ivy Room.

Nicole: That’s a pretty good choice. Jo’s makes me sick–even the smell grosses me out.

Jessica: What’s your fun fact?

Nicole: I can say the alphabet four different ways: forward, backward, in Spanish, and in sounds.

Jessica: Wait, I want to hear that.

Nicole: (recites the alphabet in sounds)

Jessica: I usually share that I had a Ben Franklin obsession as a child. I’m a history concentrator now, so it makes sense. I was obsessed with him…it was his 250th birthday celebration in Philly, and I made my dad take me.

Nicole: When I went to Philly I got pulled into a reenactment. I had to hold this really heavy flag and I’m obviously really short, so that was my experience in Philadelphia.

Nicole: If you had to live in one Brown residence hall, which would it be?

Jessica: Being off meal plan, I’d say any dorm with my own private kitchen. That’s all I can ask for.

Nicole: Same.

Jessica: What’s your favorite Blue Room muffin?

Nicole: The French toast muffin, but I can never finish them.

Jessica: I’m into the pistachio or banana-nut. I like the texture.

Nicole: Yeah, the apple is good too because it has little pieces of apple.

Jessica: What’s your favorite class at Brown?

Nicole: When I took CS8 I thought it was really interesting and fun. It was CS for babies. I didn’t learn to code, but I felt cool.

Jessica: Both of my brothers were CS majors, but those genes didn’t get passed down. My favorite class is Locked Up: A Global History of Incarceration and Captivity with Amy Remensnyder. I started working with mass incarceration, and I’m going to be doing research on the health of incarcerated women over the summer. The class was fantastic. You should take it.

Nicole: History isn’t my thing, but I am into jail shows. I’m a night person, so I watch them a lot. That’s my expertise in jail stuff (laughs).

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