BCA announces Waka Flocka for Spring Weekend

BCA has just announced that Waka Flocka Flame will be performing the Friday of Spring Weekend.

It’s so official that if you Google “Waka Flocka tour” dates right now. You will find:


Google doesn’t lie!  So Waka Flocka himself has confirmed, even.

BlogDH is excited for a potential live performance of this:

And maybe even this:

But, also, of course, we are excited for his music. Check out his 2012 album, Triple F Life, Family, Fans & Friends, below.


Image via William Janover ’15.


  1. nobody

    Awesome! Another year of spending the next few weeks trying to force myself to love the music of a midlevel rap artist. STOP WASTING EVERYONE’S FUCKING MONEY AND BRING IN SOMEONE BIG. Mumford & Sons, AVICII, Coldplay, Two Door Cinema Club, etc.

    Trying to appease every constituency on campus makes for a pretty shitty, non-cohesive lineup.

  2. Kelly Cuoco

    Great article! I especially love the excessive screenshots from someone’s iPhone, the link to Spotify, and the mind-blowing argument, “Google doesn’t lie!”

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