RISD Last Call: Noah Berch

By now, you’ve read the beginnings of this semester’s Last Call chains here and here. This year, BlogDailyHerald is adding another chain to the mix (or more than 2 chainz, if you will), featuring seniors from the RISD Class of 2015. Presenting RISD Last Call: making art school a little less confidential, one senior at a time. 

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Then + Now

People might know me as… The boy who loves and knows way too much about the Kennedy/Onassis family… (and is an owner of 11+ books on the subject…)

In my time at RISD, I am most proud of… The life-long friendships and experiences I have gained. I will miss being surrounded by such driven, ambitious, and talented peers.

On a Friday night, you might find yourself… In the studio or with friends. A bottle of red wine usually makes its way in there.

The best class/professor at RISD is… Image Bank taught by Lisa Young. She’s incredible.

Three things you wish you knew freshman year… The weather sucks for most of the academic year, being challenged is a good thing, and it’s okay to relax.

The Met vs. Portfolio… The Met.

One thing you wish you had done… Taken more classes at Brown.

Who or what are the major influences in your workI am constantly inspired by nostalgia and history. I also look at street style for ideas. I love seeing the way people carry themselves with how they dress. Old photographs also influence my color palettes. I enjoy mixing modern styling with nostalgic, timeless pieces.

How has your time at RISD inspired your work? What is your favorite piece you’ve produced while at RISD? I don’t think I ever had a particular “a-ha” moment, but I think being a student at RISD has inspired and and reinforced the idea that hard work really does pay off. Being dedicated, focused, and most importantly, excited about your work is such an important thing. If you aren’t excited about the work you are producing, change it. I would have to say my tailored coat that I made last spring was a pretty big accomplishment and a favorite.


 What is the hardest class you have taken at RISD?  If you could do it all over again, would you still take it? Womenswear tailoring was a pretty challenging course. My teacher was incredible and very challenging. If I could do it all over again, no doubt I would take it again. You learn so much when it comes to constructing a blazer and coat. It was fascinating.  I recommend opening up a blazer to you all because the detailed construction that is involved will blow your mind.

What has been your most challenging but rewarding assignment in a class? Hm. The lined blazer that I was required to draft, pattern-make, and construct. The assignment took me an additional two weeks to complete…

Sum up your thesis in one sentence, lolmythesis style: A repressed housewife is more rebellious than you think.11025806_10153114268455480_5782860521763483399_n

What has been the proudest moment of your RISD career? I am pretty excited and proud to be graduating from RISD!

What are you most excited about senior spring? The spring weather, duh.  I am also looking forward to RISD Collection (May 9th), as well as the Apparel Department’s first senior showcase in NYC (May 18th).

Favorite thing about Providence… The character of the houses on College Hill.

The weirdest item that can be found in my apartment is… Um… I guess I recently came across a folder of old homework from 9th grade. I am not sure how it got to PVD or why.

My favorite late-night drunk food in Providence is… A good bowl of cereal is always my go-to.

The most ridiculous situation I’ve been in at RISD is… Last semester, I slept (under my table) in my studio…the custodian woke me up at 6 a.m.

You can have dinner with anyone in the world. Who would it be? And why? Anyone in the world… right now I would have to go with Meryl Streep. Not only am I fond of her performing success throughout the years, but I appreciate and admire who she is and how she carries herself. She is a wise, profound, and intellectual individual. I’d love to sit, share a few glasses of wine and conversations with her.

Who are you tagging next at RISD? Michelle Munive: not only is she beautiful, but I wish I had gotten the chance to get to know her. She seems so sweet whenever I see her around campus.

Up next: Michelle Munive

Noah’s question for Michelle: If you could graduate from Brown with a degree, what would it be and why?


Images via Noah Berch. 

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