It takes two: Rebecca Patey ’16 and Summerset Thompson ’16

Brown has 6,264 undergrads, 2,094 grad students, and 490 med students. Somehow, someway, a lot of these people look like each other. You might not know their names, and you might not be friends with them, but you know these pairs exist. And don’t you just want to tell them? We definitely do.

Meet Rebecca, a psychology concentrator from Boston, and Summerset, a history concentrator from San Diego. Rebecca and Summerset totally knew that they were matched with each other, but were very excited nonetheless. This dopplegangin’ duo had long awaited the day it would be featured on BlogDH. Fun fact? The first time Rebecca and Summer took a look-a-like photo was in the bathroom at Spats (R.I.P.)

Summerset (left) and Rebecca (right)

Summerset (left) and Rebecca (right)


R: When did you first figure out you had a doppelgänger on campus?

S: Right before I transferred here. I transferred last spring, and I remembered one of my friends from high school messaged me and said, “Oh my gosh, there’s a girl in Theta that looks exactly like you.” I looked her up on Facebook and wow, it was pretty uncanny. We still see pictures of each other on Facebook and get really confused.

R: That’s exactly how I figured it out too! I Facebook stalked you back to early high school and even then we still looked the same. Our awkward phases aligned really well.

S: If you could describe your Brown experience as a food what would it be?

R: Am I allowed to say cereal? The reason I choose cereal is because I find ways to make it really successfully, but with minimal effort. What about you?

S: I would say an avocado because when you get a good avocado it is great. There are a lot of times at Brown when I’m like, “This is great!” But when you get a bad avocado, it’s a really bad experience. When things are going well they’re going really well, and when things are not going well it’s very disappointing. And I love avocados.

R: When you’re studying, what is the biggest guilty pleasure that you’re actually partaking in?

S: Hm, not Facebook.

R: Yeah, we’re too old for that nonsense.

S: Okay, there’s a couple. One is buying my groceries online and going through the food and not paying attention. And two is taking a shower. Occasionally, I just procrastinate by taking a shower because it’s actually a productive activity.

R: You must be very clean.

P: And three: probably texting. What about you?

R: I watch a lot of HGTV. I like to imagine I’m being crafty while I watch other people do projects and flip houses. And it’s really setting me up for a great career in going to flea markets and selling things for more money.dopp2

R: Have you ever been told that you look like a celebrity?

S: Someone told me I looked like Regina George, not Rachel McAdams, but specifically Regina. I wasn’t sure how to interpret it because she usually looks pretty mean, and I also don’t think I look like her. But that’s the only one. What about you?

R: When I was little, my mom was convinced I looked like the little girl in the Miracle on 34th Street, but since then I haven’t gotten anyone. Now, I’m going to tell people I look like Regina George. She’s not even my favorite “mean girl,” but whatever.

S: What’s your favorite ratty meal? Don’t say cereal.

R: I really really really love chicken. Anytime they have the fried chicken days or the sesame chicken wings I eat an embarrassing amount. I have to dress specifically for it because I eat with my hands and always put my hair in a ponytail so it’s not in my way. No one’s allowed to talk to me because I’m too busy eating my chicken, which has been the case since I was little. I was a really fat baby…

R: What got you interested in the Poler Bears?

S: I was walking around the activities fair and it was the first fall one I had been to because I transferred. I saw a girl who had already graduated, but had been a transfer counselor. She was standing in front of the booth and suggested I write my email down. I didn’t think about it after that and then I got an email about auditions, and I said why not? And I got a call back! I didn’t even go at midnight when all the dance groups are posted, but the next morning, lo and behold, I was a poller bear!

R: I almost did it freshman year.

S: Anyone can learn!

R: I can just tag the pictures of you as me I guess.

R: What is the thing that you think is the most different about us? In terms of looks or in general.

S: This is a really boring answer, but our majors. Our academic interests. What do you think?

R: I don’t know, but I was just thinking about how we look a lot alike and our mutual friend said I had to hangout with you because you swear all the time. I guess we both have a vaguely raunchy sense of humor and vocabulary. But that makes us similar. I think you’re a more extroverted person even though I’m really loud. You actually are the personality that people assume I am. I’m extroverted and social, but secretly a much more shy person.

S: I feel like you could say the same thing about me.

R: I guess are just both very multi-layered people.

S: I like having my own home area if that makes sense.

R: Me too! I love decorating, hence the HGTV.

R: If a famous person walked through the SciLi doors right now and professed his/her love for you, who would you want it to be and why?

R: OMG, easy. Emma Stone because I’m obsessed with her and she’s the only person that my boyfriend has agreed upon that’s famous who could fall in love with me and not have it ruin our relationship. She could tell me about that one time she met and acted with Ryan Gosling. I also heard she broke up with Andrew Garfield, so it’s the perfect time for her to come into the SciLi and fall in love with me. Plus, she’s just so approachable! I’d still be star struck, but she’d make me feel comfortable.

R: Is there anything you think that I definitely don’t know about you?

S: Oh, well I’m sure there is, but that’s hard to answer on the spot.

R: Well, I just found out you’re an aunt because I stalked you in Instagram. I’m not an aunt.

S: I do have three nephews. Can you give me a parameter?

R: Or even like physically. Like did you ever cut off all you’re hair or something?

S: I had glasses and braces. My eyes actually corrected. It’s kind of superhuman. Every year the prescription would get lower and lower until I had 20/20 vision.

Images via Katie Bright ’16. 

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