FALL2015: Course Superlatives

Course superlatives

The time of year has come again to ignore your current classes and focus on future endeavors, like Spring Weekend next semester’s classes. While we can’t guarantee the enjoyability, ease, or practicality of these following courses, their titles have a lot to say. Presenting, the 2015 fall semester course superlatives:


  • …Alliterative HIST0522 Reason, Revolution and Reaction in Europe
  • …Pessimistic AMST1250 Gravestones and Burying Grounds
  • …Optimistic LATN1110 Comedy
  • …Realistic PLCY1700 Crisis Management
  • …Ambitious PHIL0450 The Meaning of Life
  • …Meta COLT2650 What is Critique?
  • …Likely to Czech Your Privilege CZCH0410 Czech View of Self and Others
  • …Likely to Induce Paranoia PHP0100 Statistics is Everywhere
  • …Likely to Induce a God Complex ENGN1520 Cardiovascular Engineering
  • …Likely to Be Nominated at the 2015 Academy Awards ENGL1050 True Stories
  • …Anachronistic ENGL0310 Shakespeare: The Screenplays
  • …Specific HIST0658 Walden + Woodstock: The American Lives of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Bob Dylan
  • …Comfortable ENGN2912 Soft Matter
  • …Confusing Description of “Event-Appropriate Attire” CHIN0920 Business Chinese
  • …Risky Topic for a Lecture Course COLT1812 On Being Bored
  • …Risky Topic for a Seminar GNSS2010 Pembroke Research Seminar in Feminist Theory: Fatigue
  • …Self-Aware Meninist HIST1965 “Furies from Hell” to “Femi-Nazis”: A History of Modern Anti-Feminism
  • …Artistic STEM Course MATH1530 Abstract Algebra
  • …SO Last Week POLS1120 Campaigns and Elections
  • …Likely to Find Love at Whole Foods CHEM0360 Organic Chemistry
  • …Blunt ETHN1890 Johnny, Are You Queer: Narratives of Race and Sexuality

The Individual Awards

  • Second Most Ambitious PHYS1270 Extragalactic Astronomy and High-Energy Astrophysics 
  • Least Likely to Have Your Back BIOL0410 Invertebrate Zoology
  • Children’s Book in the Making AMST1904 Henry James Goes to the Movies
  • Simultaneously Best and Worst Pun ARCH0270 Troy Rocks! Archaeology of an Epic
  • Fastest Growing Colorado Business BIOL2110 Drug and Gene Delivery
  • “Get Out of the Gym” Free Card BIOL0030 Principles of Nutrition
  • Best Unintentional Band Name GREK1080 Attic Orators
  • Will Probably Mention #TheDress GNSS1720 Technologies of/and the Body: Mediated Visions
  • Will Probably Explain #TheDress BIOL0940 Viral Epidemics

The Group Awards…

  • Worst Enemies: PLCY1700 Good Government and POLS0820 Bleeding Heart Libertarianism
  • Twins: COLT0812 Hamlet Post-Hamlet and COLT2650 Hamlet: Appropriation, Mediation, Theory
  • Triplets: MCM0901 Governing Sex: Citizenship, Violence, Media; MCM1202 Perverse Cinema; and MCM1501 Television, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Cutest Couple: ENGL0100 Love Stories and ENGL0100 Being Romantic
  • Cause and Effect: BIOL1520 Innate Immunity and BIOL1495 500 Million Years of Land Plants
  • Latest Reality TV Pilot: AMST1906 Beauty Pageants in American Society and BIOL4250 Trauma
  • Interchangeable Solutions: CLPS0701 Personality and BIOL4170 Plastic Surgery

The Spring Weekend Lineup:

  • AFRI0880 Hip Hop Music and Cultures
  • PHP1540 Alcohol Use and Misuse
  • ANTH1880 From Magic Mushrooms to Big Pharma: Anthropology of Drugs
  • ENGL0100 Devils, Demons, and Do Gooders
  • FREN2170 High Culture: Intoxicants in 19th-Century Literature and Society
  • POLS2235 Disobedience and Resistance
  • SOC0010 Social Problems
  • BIOL4010 Anesthesiology

Special departmental shoutouts for the Slacker Award to Catalan, Early Cultures, Latin American Studies, Medieval Studies, and Renaissance and Early Middle Ages Studies, all of which are offering no classes in Fall 2015.

The prestigious Team Player Award goes to Linguistics, all of whose courses next semester are cross-listed with another department.

Have fun pre-registering! (And try your best to avoid staying out of such appealing offerings as APMA0640 Data Analysis Big and Small or EDUC2370 Internship.)

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