Frosh-cessities: Spring Weekend advice for newbies


A couple years back, some freshman bloggers sat down with our older staff members to learn what to expect from Spring Weekend. Now those freshmen are all growns up and ready to play mentor to a whole new generation of little ones. Hence, I sat down in an exclusive interview with (an anonymous) one of them and got all the hot and important tips for Spring Weekend. If this is your first Spring Weekend, check out the advice below for all the information you need to enjoy the weekend!

What is your number one piece of advice for Spring Weekend? 

Make sure you eat a lot of alcohol-absorbing foods, like lots of bread. Also don’t be ashamed to go to sleep. It is okay to call it quits on Friday and Saturday night.

What is the biggest mistake you made at Spring Weekend?

Getting too drunk to not remember the acts. As far as I am concerned Chance did not perform.

Any wardrobe advice?

Wear pants and a t-shirt or tank. Sweaters suck when you are in a crowd. Shorts are bad for after.

Craziest thing you have seen at spring weekend?

Kendrick Lamar performing on 4/20 and at 4:20 he noticed some kid wearing Beats headphones and Kendrick called the kid out and said, “This bitch is killing my vibe.”

What time should you get to Spring Weekend? 

Get there on time if you want to see the act. It’s hard to say what time because no one is looking at their watches, but if you are headed to your second pregame you should think again and just go to the concert. Also get there early to see What Cheer? Brigade. Also also, you can’t leave once you get there.

How often have you gone to an after party?

I have never paid for an after party. I just roam around and go to whatever party until DPS shuts it down. I had a friend last year who went to Lupo’s who left after half an hour. If you are going to pay and you leave it’s a bummer. It’s hard to go from a concert then rally to go to an off-campus party.

Is it possible to get work done over Spring Weekend?


How strict is getting in?

Getting in is relatively strict. You will be patted down and they will pour your stuff out.

How early is it appropriate to start drinking?

When you wake up.

What is the bathroom deal?

There’s a long line, so get a pre-pee and pre-poop in? Definitely don’t pull a number two at Spring Weekend, if at all possible.

What is the food situation?

There is food on the Green, but one blogger once ordered Ethiopian food to the concert and they threw the food over the fence for him, so there is always that.

Any advice for the nights leading up to it?

Pace yourself leading up to the weekend, you want to make it there.

Any last advice?

Just don’t front load, because if you freak out and have to leave then you can’t come back. Don’t be ashamed to vomit. If you vomit you will probably feel better. Also don’t do anything more than make out on the Green because it is gross and embarrassing. Oh and lastly, when the Saturday concert lets out, you have to run to the Ratty to get to Fratty at the Ratty.

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  1. Student

    Best advice: Don’t go. They play the most godawful crap every year.

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