It takes two: Aniela Mack ’17 and Courtney Kobren ’17

Brown has 6,264 undergrads, 2,094 grad students, and 490 med students. Somehow, someway, a lot of these people look like each other. You might not know their names, and you might not be friends with them, but you know these pairs exist. And don’t you just want to tell them? We definitely do.

Meet Ani Mack and Courtney Kobren, both in the Class of 2017. Although this dopplingangin’ duo had never met, the pair immediately attributed their strong eyebrow game to their “It Takes Two” match-up. Ani is a proud Northern California girl studying economics, whereas Courtney admits that she is less inclined to show hometown pride for Long Island, and is double concentrating in Slavic Studies and BEO. Check out Ani and Courtney’s questions for each other after the jump!

Aniela (left) and Courtney (right)

Aniela (left) and Courtney (right)

Ani: What’s your favorite compliment to get on your eyebrows?

Courtney: Hm, I always get weird compliments on my eyebrows, especially when I get my makeup done.

A: Do you ever get compared to any celebrities?

C: By nobody other than my grandmother (laughs). What about you?

A: I don’t know, people always say different ones. I don’t think any of them actually mean anything, but one time my friend told me I looked like the girl from Game of Thrones who plays Khaleesi.

C: I actually think somebody told me that before!

A: Okay, so maybe it’s not that far-fetched.

C: What’s your favorite book?

A: I was that kid in middle school who on Friday and Saturday nights could be seen reading on my couch, so I read a lot of books. My favorite one is probably Pride and Prejudice, a class. How about you?

C: Solid. Mine’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

A: Oh my god, I was going to say that before! If you had to play one character in To Kill a Mockingbird, who would it be?

C: I mean, can I be so typical and say Boo Radley? Who would you play?

A: Freshman year we did the play in high school and I was Atticus, but I think you’re right. I want to play Boo Radley. If you could tell your thirteen-year-old self something, what would you tell yourself?

C: Um, find new friends? (laughs). No, honestly I have no clue because everything I learned was a worthwhile experience.

A: That’s a very zen perspective. I like that. I’d probably just tell myself to listen when my mom told me to wash my hair more.


partners in dopplegangin’ crime


A: Whats your favorite store to shop at?

C: Probably Bloomingdale’s, what about you?

A: I don’t know. I really like how Madewell looks, but when I put it on I’m just think who is this made for? Actually, this is from Madewell (points to shirt).

C: This is my mom’s shirt (points to shirt).

A: Do you steal from your mom’s closet too?

C: Yes. My mom’s closet is actually my favorite store, but I thought I should say a real one.

A: My mom’s closet is basically an extension of my closet, for when I need a blouse. Hm, where do you get your red lipstick from?

C: MAC, what about you?

A: Make UP Forever, I think. I did that thing at Sephora where they match you to a color. People say I look more Mexican when I wear it, because I actually am half Mexican. Where do you want to live after college?

C: I want to live in the South ideally, but I’m not going to, so New York.

A: Wow, where in the South would you be ideally?

C: Like Tennessee or Texas. I don’t know why, I just really want to. My parents are are like no that’s not happening. My entire family lives in New York and most of us live on Long Island. I’m not living on Long Island, I promise! You can write that down.

A: Yeah, I’m definitely ditching Providence and heading back to San Francisco. What’s your favorite type of music?

C: I love country music. As I said, I love Texas. Actually, I’ve never been to Texas, but my big sister in Kappa Delta is from Texas. What about you?

A: I don’t like to limit myself by genre, but my favorite is honestly whatever WBRU is playing. I actually DJed for WBRU for a while on the “learning shift” from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m.

C: What else do you do on campus?

A: I do a lot of theatre. I just finished assistant directing and right now I’m working on Shakespeare on the Green with some really funny people on The Complete Works of  William Shakespeare (Abridged). How about you?

C: Fashion at Brown, Unhemmed, Brown Language Society, my sorority, and cheer.

A: Are you a morning or night person?

C: I’m a morning person.

A: Okay, we’re definitely different there. I am struggling right now and it’s 11 a.m. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the SciLi this early on a weekend. I am a 9 hours a night or die type of person. What’s your favorite library?

C: I actually don’t really like to study in the libraries. I’m a work-at-home person, but recently I’ve been going to the SciLi.

A: Make the move to the Rock. You won’t regret it.

C: What’s your favorite eatery on campus?

A: Um, Andrew’s Commons. I live on Pembroke again this semester, and I’m kind of at this point in my life where I think that all of the V-dub and Ratty food tastes the same. They have one common thread of Brown dining hall flavor, you know?

C: What’s your favorite blue room muffin? I honestly don’t have one.

A: Honestly, the French toast muffin. It’s pretty much the same as the coffee muffin. There are three of them that are pretty much interchangeable: French toast, coffee cake and butter rum.

Images via Katie Bright ’16.

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