La, La, La Brunonia: An interview with reggae band Iration


Last week, two BlogDailyHerald writers sat down with Iration vocalist and guitarist Micah Pueschel to speak about music, college life, Spring Weekend, and the band’s style.

BlogDailyHerald: Can you quickly describe your music to us?

Micah Pueschel: I would describe it as… I mean, the general consensus is like reggae rock. But we kinda blend a lot—we’re a lot more diverse than just reggae rock. We’re reggae, rock, pop, I don’t know, indie maybe, alternative—something like that—there’s just so many different things that we do.

BlogDH: You have an album coming out. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

MP: It’s going to be different. It’s kind of like a step up from our earlier stuff, Iration 2.0. It’s going to be a lot more rhythm and beat driven. You know, we felt like in our live set we lacked up-tempo danceable songs. So we enlisted a guy from the Hip Hop world who has worked with artists such as Lupe Fiasco. We have a whole engineering and mixing team, and it sounds really good. It’s up-tempo. It’s everything I think we wanted it to be and I’m very happy about it.

BlogDH: What is your favorite part of being a professional musician, and how does it compare to your experience of being in a band in college?

MP: Well, it’s a lot easier being a, you know, professional, and better than traveling in the van—living in the tour bus is a lot better than the van. The crowds are great… being able to play music for people and have them know the words to your songs and be into it the whole time.

BlogDH: Do you miss anything about being a college band?

MP: Yeah, just the excitement and the innocence—it wasn’t a business, you know, it was just for fun. That was something that I loved about it. But now it’s about your livelihood—I mean we always still have a great time. [In college,] it wasn’t so serious. Laughs. It gets serious, sometimes, when you’re playing music… bands take things very seriously.

BlogDH: Can you tell us one funny story from when you and your band were performing in college?

MP: One time we were playing and it was getting loud—cops showed up and actually arrested one of our singers like in the middle of the show. And then it almost started a riot because the kids just started to get really unruly and [started] to turn against the police… I mean that’s the kinda stuff that happens… Just a lotta lotta kids, a lot of energy.

BlogDH: We just had a big concert at Brown called Spring Weekend. We were wondering if you had any comments about the artists?

MP: I don’t know all of them. Waka, Pusha-T, I like their records but I don’t know if I’d care to see them live. I think that certain styles of music just don’t translate live.

BlogDH: How do you feel when crowds demand that you play your most popular songs?  I heard a lot of people yell “Float On!!!” after every song that Modest Mouse played.

MP: There’s always a certain part of the crowd that wants to scream “Time Bomb” the whole show. But we just play the show. We have in-ear monitors so we normally can’t even hear much of the crowd, so we just play the set. We have a lot of songs. We’re not just two songs. Our hit songs are what get some people into our music, but when they really delve in they go, “Woah, I liked so many different songs!” or “We loved all of your songs!”

BlogDH: Is there any advice you can give college students about life in general?

MP: If you’re a college student, don’t stress about what you’re doing next. I was an ecology major. I didn’t know what I would do after that. And I just ended up, you know, in a band. Just playing music, which I never thought would be my profession. So if you’re one of those people that doesn’t know about what you’re doing after college, don’t stress. Work a job that you enjoy for the time being. Doesn’t have to be serious, just support yourself, have fun, do the things that you want to do, and you’ll figure it out eventually.

BlogDH: Is there anything you want us to mention in our post about you?

MP: Yeah, so if you’re interested, just check out our website and social media platforms. Anything you need to know is there. TwitterInstagram, Facebook, and so on and so forth.


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