Last Call: Hillary Jacobson

Then + Now

Then + Now

As the semester progresses at the speed of light, the senior class is beginning to make peace with that fateful day in May: Commencement. Until the class of 2015 leaves us, BlogDH wants to highlight all the interesting things they’ve been up to. To this end, we’re (re)starting the series Last Call, which features seniors reflecting on their experiences at Brown. Each featured senior will tag another senior for the next installment. Find this year’s other “Last Call” chain here and our RISD “Last Call” chain here.

People might know me as… that girl that reads super quickly? It’s something that seems so normal to me, but never ceases to fascinate others.

In my time at Brown, I am most proud of… my friends. They are kind, thoughtful, inclusive, genuine, fun, weird and love to eat. They are my explanation to anyone who asks if I’m happy I chose Brown. I’m proud to know them.

On Friday night, you might find yourself… at the end of one of two extremes. Either reading a book and falling asleep by 9 or seeking out a party with friends.

Three things you wish you knew freshman year…

  1. You can declare your concentration anytime, not just second semester sophomore year. The earlier you declare, the sooner you get a concentration advisor who can help you navigate the concentration.
  2. Ran Zan on Hope St. They actually have acceptable sushi with fresh fish. It makes me crazy that I went through almost all of Brown not knowing this.
  3. 90% of the boys you will have a crush on will turn out to be gay.

Ratty vs. V-Dub… No eatery on campus offers enough healthy options, although the oatmeal at both the Ratty and the V-Dub, and the salmon at the Ratty are surprisingly wonderful.

The best thing you did in your time at Brown is… study abroad. I guess that might not count as at Brown, but there’s really nothing that even compares. (I could go into more detail, but I’ve been told there’s nothing more annoying than people who study abroad and can’t stop talking about it.)

One thing you wish you had done at Brown is… taken a class at RISD. There’s the obvious excuse that their classes are hard to align with the Brown schedule, but I know that excuse will seem lamer and lamer as time goes by. Also, I’ve never eaten at Louis’, and every time I tell someone this, they gasp. So hopefully that will happen soon.

After graduation, you plan to… move to NYC and work in publishing, a.k.a. read all day and get paid for it!

What’s the hardest class you’ve taken at Brown? If you could do it over, would you still take it? CSCI0931: Intro to Computation for the Humanities and Social Science. Probably everyone in the CS department will laugh at me for choosing this, but it was just so not for me. Even though I was interested in the subject matter, it was frustrating that the class consumed essentially all of my time and energy for an entire semester. That said, l think knowing what I know now, I’d still take it; because through the class I got to spend time with some of the coolest, smartest and funniest people I’ve met at Brown. Misery loves company and our left back corner was really great, even if my brain and dignity were playing a semester long disappearing act.

What’s the most rewarding extracurricular you’ve been a part of? Why? Definitely Post-. I was a staff writer for a few years, and it was a worthwhile experience to have some of my writing published. But only in my senior year did I become a section editor and attend production nights. I’ll never forget my first night of production, sitting around a table with people I mostly didn’t know, as we discussed books and television and sang showtunes. All I could think was, I’VE FOUND MY PEOPLE. But actually, working with such intelligent writers and editors to produce something we cared about every week was both fun and rewarding.

One piece of advice for underclassmen? I feel like a really common piece of advice given to all underclassmen is to join more clubs/get involved. And while I agree that this is the best advice to make the most of your time at Brown, I also think it needs to be a bit more specific. In my opinion, the advice should be: join a group/activity that: (1) Meets regularly (if not weekly), (2) Includes at least some people not from your friend group/that you wouldn’t normally hang out with, and (3) Fosters a sense of community, support and continuity throughout semesters.

That may seem extremely obvious, but it wasn’t for me. My version of involvement over the past four years meant countless tutoring and mentoring programs where the group element wasn’t a big factor, because it was just you and whomever you were helping. Only after I became a section editor for Post- did I understand all that I had been missing out on for four years by not being part of a regularly meeting group that shared my interests. I’m not saying to avoid these mentoring type roles, but to make sure to also join groups and activities that make you feel like you’re an integral part of something. That type of group or activity will enrich your Brown experience immensely.

Mark’s Question: Who would you cast to play us in a television comedy series? Would it change if it was a drama? Well, this is assuming that we wouldn’t want the starring roles for ourselves… But no matter the format, for you I’d cast Kyle Dean Massey, and for myself, Miley, because who else would I pick? Plus, then our show can have a soundtrack.

Next up: Hannah Estlund

Hillary’s question for Hannah: As a Providence native, what do you think is one great thing about Providence that Brown students constantly overlook or don’t know about?

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