A ranking of study spots based on how much work you actually need to do

Choosing a study spot is something of an art form. It requires serious consideration of the task at hand. There are days when not getting your work done is simply not an option. And then there are the (glorious) days when you have some reading you probably should do but you’re more than ready to leave it behind the moment something mildly exciting comes your way. So, for people on all parts of the study spectrum, here’s a ranking from “if you talk to me I’ll probably kill you” to “I will literally use any excuse to stop doing my work.”


  1. John Hay Library



The Hay is the place to go when you simply need to zero in, get in the zone, and just get down to business. You pretty much have no other option than to be alone with your thoughts. The sheer weight of the silence will physically force your fingers to type that paper you’ve been dreading. You will feel shame for scrolling through your Facebook feed for the fifteenth time, and although everyone else is deep inside their studious worlds, they will know that you are procrastinating, and they might judge you.


  1. The SciLi


This is where you go when you need to burn the midnight oil, since the Hay closes at 10 p.m. and, let’s be real, you’re lucky if your book is open by 10. On the SciLi’s quiet floor, there is actually nothing to distract you. In fact, you will probably want to do your work in order to get out of that concrete dungeon as fast as possible. If that’s not enough, the tangible stress floating through the air should do the trick.


  1. The Rock


If the fluorescent lighting and verticalness of the SciLi aren’t doing it for you, you might want to give the Rock a try. While it’s certainly no place for gossiping with friends, there’s definitely a more relaxing feel than the SciLi and overall greater aesthetic pleasure. This spot might give you a bit more peace of mind and get you in the right mindset to tackle your work with confidence.


  1. Quiet Green


If you’re looking for the perfect mix of tranquility and motivation, the quiet green is the spot for you. You’re not confined inside the harsh walls of the library, and this freedom of space will give you new sense of purpose. The breeze will blow in just the right way, creative juices will flow, and you will enter your own little bubble. There is the temptation, however, to lie down and contemplate every existential thought that may enter your mind. You also run the risk of your papers floating away with a strong gust of wind, so proceed with caution.


  1. Main Green


Ah, the Main Green. The wild, rebellious younger sister to the responsible Quiet Green. The Main Green is a place for eating, socializing, and people watching. If you choose to study here, know you may get coerced into playing a game of Frisbee or pulled into an hour-long conversation about everything except the one thing you desperately need to be studying. Also, there will often be large, unexplained tents popping up that may hinder your ability to find that perfect spot to get to work.


  1. Blue Room


I am truly impressed by anyone who can actually get work done here. Though I’m sure it can be done, I’m convinced that people who study here are really just hungry and too lazy to go anywhere else after getting their food. Everything about the Blue Room screams: DISTRACT ME. Loud chatter, constant flow of people, the high probability of running into everyone you know, and those annoying muffin crumbs stuck inside your textbook. But all this is mostly irrelevant because it’s pretty much impossible to find a place to sit alone anyway.


*FRESHMAN BONUS: Freshman dorm lounges*


For all of the freshman out there: beware of working in dorm lounges. They can seem like the perfect place to get your work done AND make friends with your unit-mates. But alas, do studying and socializing ever really mix? Most likely (unless you live on a quiet floor) you will end up choreographing an entire dance routine and play an intense game of Cards Against Humanity, during which you will spend more mental energy deciding when to use “Oprah Winfrey sobbing into a Lean Cuisine” than on your entire essay due tomorrow. So have fun, but remember that it’ll probably be more enjoyable if you finish your work and then go hang out with a stress-free mind. Whatever you choose, find your place and get your study on!!


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