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September saw a ton of awesome new music, so this week’s Blogify features a collection of certified-fresh (as Rotten Tomatoes might say) albums that have been released in the past month(ish). Featuring music by groups ranging from up-and-coming artists to established stars, this carefully selected playlist is guaranteed to keep your spirits high as the temperature plunges. Check it out!

Beach House: Depression Cherry


Definitely the biggest surprise on this list, Beach House evokes a comparison to Tame Impala in their synthy, psychedelic beats. Their new album flows together perfectly between tracks, adamantly “exploring the sadness of pleasure,” as Pitchfork noted. A thoughtful experience in its own right, the pleasant-yet-melancholy Depression Cherry leaves you pensive and reminiscent. (Also, if you’re into this album, make sure to check out their last release, Bloom, as well!)

Aer: One of a Kind


A personal favorite of mine, this Boston-based duo is back at it for their biggest studio album yet. Fresh Aer Movement (FAM) has moved their offices to Brooklyn and is now producing their finest rock and reggae-infused music just in time to keep you warm in the coming winter months. Influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the modern Cali-chill band started young and is only getting better. From inauspicious beginnings (a.k.a. an original group that broke up in high school)this band has certainly come a long way–and One of a Kind is a testament to their incredible growth.

Mac Miller: GO:OD AM


The Pittsburgh rapper recently hit a streak of hard times; but, as Mac rehabilitated himself, changed labels (from Rostrum to Warner Bros.), and changed cities (LA to Brooklyn), he found his groove. This album is an embodiment of both his struggles and his ability to successfully rebound with an incredibly diverse and emotive project. In the opinions of fans and critics alike, it’s his best album yet, a true display of his progression and versatility as an artist. My advice would be to stream it all the way through, and trust me, it’s worth it–you’ll be able to relate to it personally on some level, no matter your life path.

Eventide: SB//LA


This young duo from Lafayette, CA nailed it with this new album, their third compilation since starting out a few years back. It’s also unbelievable that they are both only underclassmen in college! (@Seniors, what have you done with your lives?) Continuing their trademark relaxed, West Coast acoustic beats that fans first got a taste of in The Niche and Swells EP, Eventide debut their expanding potential in SB//LA, drawing comparisons to Slightly Stoopid and Jack Johnson. Check them out if you’re in a relaxed, contemplative mood, and they won’t disappoint.

Now, here’s a collection of some of the best tracks from each album. Enjoy!

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