Ch-ch-ch-changes: Courses @ Brown

There are a few things all Brown students can agree on. Meal plan makes no sense. BioMed windows are the best place on campus to check yourself out. The circle dance statue is weird. A quintessential fact-of-life for any Brunonian is that registration is a nightmare. We’re not just talking pre-registration, either. This goes way beyond that awful moment when Banner tells you the seminar you wanted to take is capped; no one likes searching desperately through Banner to fill up their cart, or staring at those awful red boxes that only serve to remind you how much choosing classes sucks.

The Registrar’s Office and the Office of the Dean of College have decided to make registering for classes slightly less painful by introducing the new course selection platform Courses @ Brown.

Check it out:




  1. Funky “sliding decks” that allow you to look at multiple classes and pages at the same time. This feature also makes it easier to look for classes on your mobile devices. Can’t stop, won’t stop.
  2. Recommended courses based on previous preferences and classes other students with similar interests took, modeled after Netflix and Amazon. (Hopefully not like these.)
  3. Expanded search option which allows you to search for courses based on title, tag, subject, CRN, and keyword.
  4. The ability to select which classes you want to register for (rather than registering your whole cart at once and making you abide by the 4 classes rule) and the ability to enter an override code directly from the course tab.
  5. Filters like “Courses I can take” for concentration requirements and “Don’t allow overlaps.” We’re looking at you, red boxes…
  6. Red boxes that become darker the more overlaps you have, what designer Robert Fitzgerald equates to topographical maps. You can also hover over the overlapping courses to get a drop down of all the classes in your cart for that time.
  7. A cute picture of the Quiet Green. #instafall #instaleaf

The new system will be ready for use by Summer 2016 (sorry seniors). In the meantime, explore the non-functional prototype.


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