BlogDH Presents: the season premiere of BlogBabies

BlogBabies (noun): what we lovingly call our newest Blog staff writers. You’ve definitely seen some new bylines in the past two weeks, but who are these talented fresh-out-of-the-womb writers? Without without further ado, we’d like to formally introduce you to the cast of this season’s BlogBabies!


Kelly Carey-Ewend ’19 is a self-proclaimed attention addict who will keep talking no matter where the conversation is headed. Despite being “loud as hell,” he’s really bad at sarcasm, yet will keep you on your toes by throwing in white lies (just as a test). A potential biology concentrator from North Carolina, Kelly spends his go-to down time jamming to Kidz Bop (Vol. 24 of course) and watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He is most surprised by Brown’s very real sports program, and you may find him chowing down on some Jo’s quesadillas while enjoying lavender incense, a “super chill” color with a “wild side,” possibly reminiscent of himself?

– Adrian Grant-Alfieri ’18


Meghan Friedmann ’17 might hail from total suburbia in Reading, Massachusetts, but she’s really more of the jet-setter type. This junior from the land of the Celtics spent her spring in the land of the original Celts, studying abroad in Dublin last semester. Now back at Brunonia, Meghan is glad to finally have the time in her schedule to settle down with us Bloginistas. Outside of the realm of prose, Meghan is a poet who was recently published in a Providence-based literary mag; someday, she hopes to publish a collection of poems that people will find thought-provoking. Meghan’s TV character of choice is Lizzie McGuire, in large part because Lizzie is able to articulate her feelings through possibly the most iconic cartoon id of all time. And this ol’ Disney Channel girl also has an affinity for life abroad!

-Joseph Hernandez ’19


All you need to know about Kyra Goldstein ’19 is that her favorite part about her high school diving team was the “lukewarm horse trough” where the divers hung out in between dives.  That, and the fact that if she were to be a TV character, she would by Bill Haverchuck of Freaks and Geeks. I’d never seen the show, but after some research, I wholeheartedly agree that Bill is awesome. Just like Kyra, Bill is a nerd who knows who he is, what he wants, and calls it like he sees it. To add to the nerd stereotype, Kyra loves doing the New York Times crossword puzzle before bed and feels happiest in a good, independently owned bookstore, but interestingly also holds a soft spot for cheesy teen novels.

-Sarah Campbell Tucker ’19


First thing’s first, Allison “Alli” Gordon ’19 is the realest. This Harry Potter-reading, ice cream-loving, purple-appreciating blogger can whip you up a fantastic smoothie thanks to a job at a smoothie place back home in Atlanta. But, if a blended drink doesn’t suit your fancy, have a conversation with her about alternative music (The Killers or Red Hot Chili Peppers, anyone?). She can usually be found on her back porch with the loves of her life, her dogs, Bailey and Harper, but at Brown, she can be found playing soccer with her intramural team, ABCDE FC, or working with BRYTE.  Alli would probably be Leslie Knope because of her love for organizing things in color-coded binders, celebrating lady friends, and eating piles of waffles. Like Knope would say, “We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work.”

– Claire Pang ’19


Adrian Grant-Alfieri ’18 is just your average woodworking goofball. Hailing from Miami, he loves trying to imitate chipotle with his cooking and playing soccer for the club team. If Adrian were any TV character, he’d be Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, mainly because he’s goofy, easily distracted, and he spends a weird amount of time dealing with rats. If you see Adrian on campus, he’s probably headed off to a sculpture or environmental science class, since, aside from that, he never leaves Barbour. He spends a lot of his time listening to various kinds of music, and making playlists is his passion. Amazingly, Adrian admits that whenever he makes that classic midnight trip to Jo’s, he only gets a mango tango Odwalla juice smoothie. BlogDH couldn’t tell you why. All we know for sure about Adrian is that he’s just a man desperately seeking the companionship of a goat.

-Kelly Carey-Ewend ’19


Joseph Hernandez ’19 is not just a BlogBaby, he’s also a Brown baby, a first-year student fresh-off-the-plane from San Antonio, Texas. Despite his Texan upbringing, he doesn’t enjoy the heat and humidity makes him severely uncomfortable.  Given the choice among every celebrity ever, he’d want Drake to be his bestie because: A, he loves Drake, and B, Drake seems relatable. But, Joseph says, he’d be curious to know if Drake wasn’t actually relatable, if he was a complete jerk– Joseph loves insight into other people but says he’d keep such earth-shattering knowledge secret. He wouldn’t out Drake. Besides Drake, Joseph loves the song “Mysteries of Love” by Julee Cruise. He listens to it every night before bed and so has probably heard it at least 20,000 times. And then TV: if he were to be any TV show character, Joseph would be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is not only a cool choice (such respect!) but also a choice that gives a hint at Joseph’s personality. Why Buffy? “It’s [her] simplicity of work ethic that I idolize. She’s strong and she gets the job done, but she’s also vulnerable.” Well said, Joseph the Blog Slayer.

-Meghan Friedmann ’17


A self-proclaimed “part-time procrastinator,” Kevin Lin ’19 cannot even commit to calling himself a procrastinator. He’s also a committed golfer, despite having broken two of his father’s drivers and is quite honestly not good at golf. He hasn’t seen a single episode of Mad Men, but if he were a TV character, he would be Don Draper, because of his “divine hair and suave fashion.” Upon entering his room, one is greeted with the lovely scents of “spoiled potpourri and bad Chardonnay,” but he swears it wasn’t him. Kevin extends an invitation to his dorm for anyone who wants “the most potent protein powder for massive gains” (whatever that means).

– Demisexual Lovato ’19


Demisexual Lovato ’19 is new to the land of Brunonia, but is still up to the challenge of being the new Sextion writer. If you ever meet her, she’ll remind you of Donna Pinciotti, because she’s totally one of the guys but also vaguely unattainable. She loves dessert and anything sweet — breakfast, lunch, and dinner are overrated and unnecessary anyway. Her greatest fear is a spontaneous outbreak of a zombie apocalypse because she secretly believes humans would eat other people if it came down to it. English is her thing because the Romantics melted her cynical heart. As her name would apply, she is all about having butterflies in her stomach and Netflix and chilling with that special someone. However, whether Demisexual is in class, out and about on a Saturday night, or busy confusing all of the scrawny little neighbor boys, she’s always trying to expand her sexual horizons.

– Kevin Lin ’19


Sarah Campbell Tucker ’19 (some call her SCT, for short) hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. Sarah Campbell is a lover of the outdoors and has been a vegetarian for nine years, ever since she read Aragon and was horrified by the killing of an innocent mouse. She is also an avid reader and “loves a good bookstore” (honestly, is there anything better?). Sarah Campbell plans on concentrating in international relations, which makes it fitting that, if she could be a TV show character, she would be C.J. Cregg from The West Wing, who she claims is “the ultimate badass.”

-Kyra Goldstein ’19


Claire Pang hails from a town just outside LA, a small suburb with beautiful ocean views and beautiful surfer people (except she hasn’t surfed much since she was thwacked with a board when she was a kid…ouch). She is loving Brown so far, with a special proclivity for the grinders in Andrews, particularly BLTs with avocado. Claire tentatively plans on concentrating in Poli Sci and Econ, but being a Brown student, she isn’t exactly sure. She is also involved with Brown Political Review, College Consulting Group, and cheerleading. Go Bruno! She has two main guilty pleasures: the Jonas Brothers (especially “Burning Up”) and Disney Channel Original Movies. Claire is amazing at recalling music videos, and if you ever want to reminisce over early 2000’s Gwen Stefani, hit her up. If Claire was a TV character, she would be DW from Arthur because of her sassy personality and great fashion sense.

– Allison Gordon ’19

Images via Albie Brown ’16, Taylor DeRosa ’16,  and Jokichi Matsubara ’18.

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