Die-in protest: Native Americans at Brown pre-demonstration

At 2:00 p.m today, October 9th, students dressed in red and black gathered in front of Sayles Hall on the Main Green. They laid down on the concrete for 52 minutes and 30 seconds, with still bodies and resolute intentions. Their actions paid tribute to the 523 years of resistance in the Indigenous Peoples community of the Americas. Their silence resonated as passersby made their way to class, with strong wind being the only audible noise, occasionally disturbing the cardboard signs.

When asked for the statement, Sierra Edd ’18, one of the members of Native Americans at Brown said, “We, collectively as NAB, feel that the BDH had many chances to consider not including Monday and Tuesday’s columns in their paper. In including them, there were powerful and painful implications for many students. Their formal apology is not enough; we ask for structural changes and a preventive action in the future.”

The die-in protest was a pre-demonstration for the event scheduled for Monday, October 12th, which will be a celebration of Indigenous Peoples, in the hopes that Brown renames Fall Weekend. Below is a visual record of the event:


IMG_1977IMG_1985         IMG_2030IMG_2105IMG_2130IMG_2184IMG_2150IMG_2186IMG_2220IMG_2172

Pressed on the topic of President Paxson, and the ideal response from Brown’s administration, Edd followed with, “Christina Paxson has reached out to us, individually, to give us her support. She does not have the power to change the name of Fall Weekend. To those in the administration that do, we want you to consider that Fall Weekend is a complicit name, which erases Indigenous People, rather than recognizing and celebrating them.”
Images via Danielle Perelman ’17.

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