30 thoughts this senior has about senior year



Not even the beautiful fall foliage or Oprah’s Cinnamon Chai Latte (rage against the PSL!) can help me cope with the emotional toll of senior year. I can’t really put into words exactly how I feel, as I feel like I feel it all. Anyway, I’ll try to articulate these “feely” feelings as best as I can. Here’s a list of a few senior year-musings I’ve had recently:


1. (Beginning of the year) Can I audit 10 classes? So much to learn, so little time!

2. I’ve sat in on 10 more classes. I’ve learned nothing and I’m exhausted. Hello, friendly 4-course structure!

3. When did shopping period end? Or right, it’s October.

4. I’ve gone to pretty much all of this professor’s office hours, but apparently my name is still “Maria”.

5. I guess we aren’t BFFs after all </3

6. I am taking a graduate seminar and I feel cool.

7. I am taking a graduate seminar and my soul is dead.

8. Ok, whoever said senior year was chill has less chill than whoever took this snap.

Professional life

9. Should I start a start-up? Wait, do you “start” a start-up or “create” it? “Initiate” a start-up? What is the self?

10. LinkedIn is a cold and dry vortex of superficiality and also I probably shouldn’t use this selfie as my profile photo…

11. “Describe your previous job experience”: crying over not having job experience.

12. “Describe your computer skills”: I am a fast typer and my Neopets are all still alive, albeit “famished”.

13. For the 100th time, dear auntie, I am doing philosophy and cognitive science.

14. No, dear auntie, I’m not considering law school (or a lawyer husband) after Brown.


15. GCB challenge, SciLi challenge, Ratty challenge… MY BODY KNOWS NO LIMITS.

16. I should hit the Nelson Fitness Center more often. Just kidding, my body is well aware of its limits.

17. I need to get off the hill more often. Geoff’s doesn’t count. [Ed. note: Geoff’s counts on Two-For-One Tuesdays]

18. I should go to more WaterFires, even though I don’t exactly know what one should do at WaterFire.

19. Is this hill getting steeper each year, or am I just getting old? Was that my hip that just popped?


20. Are, “senior goggles” a thing? As in, “this campus looks ten times more beautiful and everything and everyone is lovelier than ever”– not as in, “I suddenly have the hots for senior citizens” (maybe).

21. How much scrambling is too much scrambling?

22. Hmm, I actually want a meaningful relationship before school ends *re-installs Tinder*.

23. Or, maybe this study sesh could blossom into something beautiful. Canvas and chill?

People and animals and self-discovery

24. I will be spontaneous and wild this year. I will keep a squirrel as a pet.

25. I can always become a Squirrel Whisperer if this grad school thing doesn’t work out.

26. Fuck, I’ll miss those furry little bastards…

27. I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life after Brown!

28. I feel ready for whatever life may bring, except, you know, taxes, rent, jury duty…

29. Wait, I’ll actually have to face life after Brown.

30. WAIT! This is all going by too quickly 🙁

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