Late night snacking: A guide to food on Thayer

You’re stumbling down Thayer at 1:45 a.m. on a Saturday night, and all you can think of is how you can get your hands on some snacks as fast as humanly possible. At this point, you’re essentially a young Jon Belushi dreaming of stuffing your face with everything within arms reach. If you didn’t get that reference, check out of your friend’s dorm room and there’s a 90% chance you’ll find out who he is. It’s a precarious quagmire to be in. You know it’s late and have fewer options, but you don’t want to wander all the way back up Thayer just to find out your favorite take-out restaurant is closed. Never fear, Blog is here to give you a comprehensive guide for your drunken late night snacking habits. Constraint: Everything closes at 2 a.m.

Bluto 3


It’s some pretty solid Mexican food, cheaper than Chipotle, and has free guac! What could be better? Like its sibling further up Thayer, it usually comes with a long line, especially towards closing time. Top pick: Quesadilla with pulled pork and guac. Also, there’s no free water cups, keep that in mind if you’re in desperate need of hydration.


The All-American late night cafe named after Brown’s infamous (and not so real) professor Josiah Carberry. Although Jo’s is known for its spicy-with and fries, the real beauty here lies in its salads and quesadillas, although both of these aren’t always open towards the end of the night. Most students are pretty sure Jo’s only opens around midnight and is reserved for post-party gorging, yet unbeknownst to many, it actually opens at 6 p.m.

East Side Pockets

If you’ve never been, just ask for everything on your wrap, and yeah, even the somewhat questionable spreads are delicious. Just load ‘em on there. Also, according to past Blog reviewers, their chicken fingers are crazy good. Top pick: Chicken wrap w/ all the sides.


It’s no Nice Slice, but overall has really great pizza, with a lot of more variety than its neighbor across the street. But, because of abundant options, quality is sacrificed a bit. Still, a lot of people really like it here, so don’t count it out. Top pick: Hawaiian.


Bonus Round: East Side Mini Mart

I’m biased because I live near this heaven on Earth, but for the rest of you guys, well, it’s heaven on Earth.  You want cinnamon rolls to heat up? They got ’em. Do you want eggs and bacon? They have that too. Or do you just want your basic snacks of chips, ice cream, and a plethora of drinks? Oh, they definitely have those. Basically, it’s the best place ever, especially when you’re buzzed bushed  on a weekend and tired from party hopping.

These tips include some of my hopefully useful advice from the vast experience that I’ve accumulated at Brown after about a year (I know, it’s impressive). Though you’ll probably end up at Jo’s anyway–it’s almost like a post-game in itself–test these suggestions out if you get the chance!

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