BlogDH’s Fifth Annual Costume Contest: Results

Halloween is over, and of course we’re all feeling the withdrawal. No more slathering fake blood on our bodies, or getting to wear wings and top hats, or bonding with random students on the street because you like each others costumes. But for one last Halloween piece of Halloween fun, Blog brings you the results to this year’s costume contest. We’ve gotten some excellent submissions, and, as promised, our overall winner will be featured on our Facebook page’s cover photo all week. Check them out below:

Our overall winner:

Characters from the Nintendo Games Universe. Play it loud!


Names, left to right, first row:

Pom B ’16 (Yoshi), Zoe G (Luigi), Stephen B (Waluigi), Maddie K (Link), Soumya G (Mario), Maite V (Koopa Troopa), Ceci C (Toad), Marguerite S (Fox McCloud), all ’16.

Names, left to right, second row:

Carly A (Power-up Mushroom), Sarah C (Pikachu), Vhalla O (Princess Daisy), Sarah J (Mystery box), Rebecca F (Princess Peach), all ’16.



Two naked Sims, and one Sim that has been playing chess for 8 hours and really needs to go to the bathroom.


Names, left to right: Meryl C. ’17, Mandi C. ’17, and Sarah M. ’17

The (Halloweek) Last Supper

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Names: Sean O’K. (Jesus), Lucrezia S. and friends, all ’17.

And now, for our superlatives…

Most on-point 2000s cultural reference:

2007 Britney Spears


Name: Kate F. ’18

Most on-point current cultural reference:

Ariana Grande and the donut she licked.


Names: Sam S. (Ariana) ’17 and Julia E. (Donut, BlogDH DME) ’17.

Best couple costume/Best prom dress ever:

Andie and Duckie from Pretty in Pink


Names, left to right: Mary Frances G. ’17 and Adam H. ’16.

Most likely to induce childhood nostalgia:

The Mystery Gang


Names, left to right: Carrie M. (Daphne), Connor G. (Fred), Tory H. (Scooby), J.D. L. (Shaggy), Sarah G. (Velma), all ’17.

Most political:

Bernie and Hillary (Blog is on first name basis). ‘


Name: Emma J. ’17 and Emma H. ’17.

Most political, as in statement:


Names: Lindsey, Jackie, Sara, all ’17.

“Fastest” Food:

Pizza sluts


Names, left to right: Mike R. ’16 and Will S. ’16

Congrats to our winners! And thank you to all those that sent in submissions.

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