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For this week’s Blogify, we’re bringing back the “Fresh Albums” segment, where we feature some great new music that will (hopefully) be released in the coming months. This collection of musicians tends to sway towards rap and R&B, perfect to help gently get the blood pumping after a tiring Halloweekend. While we wait for these albums to come out, we’ve compiled a playlist featuring some of the artists’ best work up to this point.

Skizzy Mars: Alone Together


Despite pushing back his Alone Together tour this fall, the NYC native has been dropping new music on a monthly basis. His most recent releases, Chemistry, Changes, and Weekend Millionaires are among his best yet, in my opinion. Produced primarily by Michael Keenan, each track continues to impress fans and critics alike. Continuing on an upward trajectory since Red Balloon Project, his first major studio album, Skiz looks to have a bright future at only 23 years old. To really get a feel for his music, check out his SoundCloud!

G-Eazy: When It’s Dark Out


The Bay Area rapper has been dropping singles weekly, getting fans increasingly hyped for his upcoming album release. According to G-Eazy himself, the new album is going to be the best music he’s made in his life. Among his recent work are “Friend Zone,” an excellent collaboration with Marc E Bassy, and an up-tempo single titled “Need You Now”. So, until the album comes out on December 4th (I hope), spend your time letting your imagination run fast with his newest jams.

Frank Ocean: Boys Don’t Cry (expected title)


Even though he initially announced a July release date for his sophomore studio album, Frank Ocean has yet to put out his new work — and fans (myself included) are rightfully frustrated. Taking to social media back in April, Frank announced that two versions would be released, but since then there’s been radio silence from his team. Reportedly collaborating with Pharell Williams, among others, Frank Ocean has fans getting excited; however, much like a frosh in a frat basement, his followers are pretty much lost in the heat* of it all at this point (*metaphorical heat, unlike the literal waves of heat in a basement party). As the suspense continues to build, maybe re-listen to Channel Orange, his first release, for the fifty-thousandth time. (And if you have yet to hear it, you should really get on that.)

Flume: Unknown


The Australian producer’s eponymous debut LP, released back in 2012, was a huge success. Since then, a string of new originals and remixes have teased a potential sophomore album, including a spectacular collaboration with Andrew Wyatt in Some Minds. Sitting down with British publication NME, Flume revealed that a new album is indeed on the way, noting that he’s only “a couple tracks away” from finishing. Pointing out the broad spectrum of genres that he plans to work with, as well as varying degrees of known and unknown collaborators, the young producer’s supporters can start getting excited.

Finally, to continue the tradition, here’s a collection of some of the best releases from the artists up to this point!

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