Adventures at RISD: Open Studios (Part Two)

Armed with my map/sticker sheet as well as Blog buddy, Sarah Campbell ’19, I was ready to continue the RISD Open Studios adventure on Friday which showcased nine different majors. Although we originally went for the art, there were a lot non-art related things that kept us there.

Furniture at Metcalf:


While not necessarily functional, the furniture at open studios was gravity defying, thought provoking, and really freaking cool. After a solid 10 minutes of art appreciating, we continued to stay for the party in the studio loft, complete with twinkle lights, and a pancake bar. Yes, that’s right, a fully stocked pancake bar with fruit, Nutella, whipped cream, and nuts. Furniture pulled out all the stops to woo people to their department. Also, let’s not forget the sticker. The sticker was a naked human body, but instead of a head, a chair. Odd, yes. But definitely dope.

Sculpture at Metcalf:


These seniors were shameless in promotion. They rode down the halls of the other studios in Metcalf on a rolling cart decked out in metallic welding suits (and not much else) shouting at everyone to come to their party. And that was no lie. To entice prospective RISD freshmen, Sculpture straight up threw a party, complete with a DJ, two people commissioned to dance on a table permanently, and flashing lights. Your very own Blog ambassadors joined in on the fun, and wished deep down we went there. We also definitively appreciated the rather provocative dancing to “Who Let the Dogs Out” while an actual dog walked through the studio club.

Ceramics at Metcalf:

While we are plenty sure the art was amazing, to be honest, we don’t remember anything except for the fact that there was kiln pizza. Now, what is kiln pizza? It is exactly what it sounds like. Seniors created pizza (and not just boring old pizza, but fancy pizza with prosciutto and arugula) that was fired in their kiln. To top it off, marshmallows were roasted in a mini-kiln as a quick dessert.   

Graphic Design at the Design Center:


Sculpture is to discotheque as graphic design is to…? If you answered fast food joint, you would be correct. The walk into the room kept to the theme with yellow fast food napkins tucked into the ceiling lights and massive blown up prints of fries and burgers. Goodie bags filled with artist’s work (stickers, posters, cards) were white paper take out bags. Next to the art table was a root beer float station so you could have something to munch on while perusing the exciting work the graphic design majors have put together. Not going to lie though, we are still disappointed that the french fry printed stickers ran out before we could get one.

Jewelry at Metcalf:


Hello, early 2000s. The jewelry was incredible and made me wonder what I am doing with my life, but where Jewelry truly shined was their flawlessly executed theme that took you back to the tween pop stars of ten years ago. They had a CD wall, metallic streamers, artists in costume with pigtails, and even rhinestones to put on to feel extra Gwen-y. Bonus points for the diamond ring donuts and sparkly popcorn.

Illustration at ISB: 












Illustration’s open studio was an adorable jungle theme, which included paper leaf vines hanging from the ceilings and paper backdrops, oh and who could forget, the massive fox head on the ground. The second room had beehive pinatas to bring down filled with not only Kit-Kats but also little duct tape bees and a photo booth. We were allowed to wander around people’s desks to look at their art and their sketchbooks, which shocker, were filled with cool sketches. What we loved most about illustration was the intimate atmosphere, and an opportunity to actually go through people’s desks in a totally snooping but totally ok way.  

Sticker score: Adorable, I had to snag two of the mini-terrariums printed stickers.

Images via Claire Pang ’19 and Sarah Campbell Tucker ’19.

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