6 ways to beat “November Sadness”


Like Lana’s Summertime Sadness, except with more pumpkins.

The month of Halloween, otherwise known as October, is very much over. Though these spooky weeks brought spooky things (cold weather and midterms), the promise of end-of-month candy, parties, and costumes made it all worthwhile.  Now that October is gone, so is the illusion of prolonged and constant fun. Jack-O-Lanterns will be replaced with probably premature holiday decorations and the Monster Mash will be replaced with innumerable renditions of “Let It Go.” The sun will eventually start to set closer to the times that some of us wake up than to when we should be inside. What’s to keep a Brown student from just heeding Elsa’s advice and letting it all go? Blog offers you a couple of ideas!

1. Warm Drinks. October is still a bit too early to go hard on hot chocolate or apple cider. November? Bring on the hot stuff! If you are adventurous, December eggnog is just around the corner.

2.Thanksgiving break (!!!) October provided one restful and problematic long weekend. November will bring three extra turkey-filled days for you to enjoy with family, friends, Netflix, or for those of you who are ambitious, research to prepare you for finals [Ed. – noooooooooo]. Winter break is just long enough to help forget the pain of exams and allows for some well-deserved unwinding before the impending snow and homework take over second semester.

3.Embrace Fall. By the time All Hallows’ Eve passes, Brown is in full Fall-mode. The leaves are a burning orange, the scarves amount to infinity and beyond, and the boots come out to play. There may be a hayride or apple-picking trip in the horizon. You no longer sweat profusely in your dorm room and are not yet suffering frostbite.  Fall can be quite charming!

4.Holidays. The warmth and joy people feel just around this time of year can really be contagious if you are open to it. Then again, maybe you don’t celebrate any holidays during these parts of the year. Perhaps you are a classic Scrooge who can only snuff at the thought of wrapped presents or lit candles. It’s also kind of fun to be a hater.

5. Pumpkin Everything. It begins in October and it escalates in November. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin chips… Pumpkin can make everything delicious and is a worthy combatant to the post-Halloween blues. So listen up, Jo’s.

6. Flannel and Cozy Sweaters. If all else fails, you now have a great motive to wear whatever will keep you cozy, warm, and happy. Maybe that’s flannel or a onesie. In either case, don’t let the Halloween Heartbreak get you down!

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