Frosh-cessities: Reading Period Essentials


You did it! You’ve managed to summon enough will power to return to Brown after Thanksgiving! But, then you immediately got hit by a truck, but not just any truck, the “Finals are next week, even though I just took a ‘midterm’ yesterday, and I have no idea what ‘hegemony’ or the ten(?) principles of economics really are” truck. Fear not, though, because Blog has your freshmen backs with several necessities to help you survive your reading period.

1. Towels


A dry towel will soon be a rare occurrence.

Remember when you participated in the pack and go program at Bed, Bath & Beyond and realized that towels don’t just materialize in bathrooms (thanks parents for hiding this harsh truth from me for so long) and you had to actually buy some? Those towels come super handy during reading period for soaking up huge amounts of tears, especially ones that are caused by chemistry, neuroscience, or math. More importantly, however, is the fact that they are dual purpose. Roll one up under your door to prevent bothering people with your screaming or to deaden the noise of your soul shattering.

2. Chocolate or flowers


Keep these treats around to win back your friends, roommates, and significant others at the end of reading period. Use them to apologize for your terrible behavior while studying, including but not limited to yelling at them out of stress, anger, hunger, or even hanger, throwing textbooks at them out of frustration, re-reading your essay out loud over and over until the wee hours of the morning, and papering every surface of your room with notes.

3. Straws


Undeniably, reading period means a lot of work, but not a lot of time. To increase your efficiency by shaving off valuable minutes, work while you eat. But even better, consume only liquids and non-solids (please don’t actually do this). Using straws mean you never have to take your hands off your laptop to put off typing up study guides, essays, or notes.

4. 10 pounds of french fries


This is rather self-explanatory: who doesn’t want the golden, salty embrace of french fries? Everyone needs a moment to drown their sorrows in some crispy, oily goodness. You only get by with a little help from your friends, your warm potato friends. Additionally, find moral support with the 4,000 other people who will be doing the exact same thing on Sunday.

5. Disinfecting Wipes


These are not valid excuses, so go buy some wipes at CVS. 

We all know you aren’t leaving the SciLi anytime soon, so stock up on these wipes for cleaning yourself up. Trust us, mere baby wipes won’t do with the dirt you have accumulated from sitting in the 00 decibel zone for who knows how long? Also, take a page from the Nelson gym and make sure you wipe down the equipment the desk you used. Those coffee rings from four nights ago and that dried drool isn’t going to clean itself up.

That’s it and good luck on your exams!

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