We feel your pain, we swear

Editor’s note: This year, Brown deferred 1,905 early decision applicants — roughly 63 percent of those who applied.

This is an updated version of a post that was published when early decision results were released in the past years. Don’t worry—we still feel your pain, we swear. 


Dear Deferred ED Applicant,

Allow me to put words to your feelings.  You feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach.  Rather than feeling angry or upset, you’re merely resentful.  You poured your heart and brain onto a page, committed yourself to a school and the image of four years in Providence, among the antiestablishment youth and the trustafarians.  You waited patiently for 6 weeks, perhaps checking your account before the admissions date in the hopes that some large-scale computer glitch released decisions and you would be the primary beneficiary of a university oversight.  The moment of truth came and, alas, no decision. You don’t know if you should be upset or happy you weren’t openly rejected. Rather than make a decision on you, one not unlike a choice you recently made, the University has decided to continue your wait for five months.

I’ve been there. I like to joke that the wounds are still raw four years later. Questions and decisions start running through your head, primarily whether or not Brown is still your first choice.  Should you stick it to the administration for not seeing your inherent amazingness? Give them the figurative middle finger for their ambivalence and reluctance to welcome you with open arms? Don’t.

Brown was my first choice because of the opportunities I believed it could provide through its open curriculum, its diverse student body, its incredible autumns and almost perpetual rain (and obviously other things too). Deferral is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your options and make sure you are making an informed decision.  You get to find out all of the places you got in (something about which ED accepteds will always wonder) and decide if this is still the place for you.  The truth is deferral spurs you to action. Call it insecurity, call it renewed vigor, call it overcompensation, but throughout my time, I never took my place here for granted. After having my position imperiled, I felt sustained a sense of renewal in my commitment being an active member in the Brown community.

Think of this as your first exercise in self-evaluation.  College students love getting meta, so why not start now? It WILL all work out.

P.S. Like all schools, we too have our ups and downs as a community.

P.P.S. If/when you come to Brown, remember that BlogDailyHerald was there for you, metaphorically patting your back in consolation.

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