Where to Cry at Brown, Pt II


Two years ago, we gave you a comprehensive list of places you could cry at Brown. They were the classics and while the compilation seemed timeless, times have changed and so has our campus. After recently coming across another school’s article on places to cry, we realized that it has been too long. Despite us not having any trademarks on tears, and considering the original post in question is apparently hardly original, we still felt jealous. In fact, we felt like we wanted to cry.

It is time to end the drought in your eyes, so here it is: more places where you can cry at Brown.

The construction site in front of Barus and Holley

Because buildings used to be there… and now it’s a pile of rubble that won’t be finished until after you graduate… and life is just changing so fast! Also, if you were an Urban Studies Major, feel free to cry because they legitimately knocked down your house.


Brown builds a new facility and expects you to not cry in it? Unlikely. Look at these beautiful hard wood floors! *sobs*

Main Green

Since it’s freakishly warm outside, treat yourself to crying outside. What to cry about? Your own mortality or maybe the beauty of those cherry blossoms that should definitely not be in bloom right now. Or, because climate change is really depressing and some people don’t believe it’s happening.

Into a shot glass

You really want a drink, but you can’t afford to waste time or be hungover. No extra salt needed.


The piano room in Orwig basement

Easily the most isolated place on campus, your inner demons will be the only things around to dry the tears of your utter solitude.

Health Services

Because you always get a bug at the worst time possible, and you have two papers plus a final in the next three days, and the nurse just asked you to wear a surgical mask because you’re coughing so much, and at this point you might as well be patient zero of the zombie apocalypse because at least you’d have a valid excuse for an extension.

Nelson Fitness Center Pool

I’m not crying, I’m just swimming.

The vents outside of Bio-Med

The only structure cozy enough to allow you to imagine, for one bittersweet moment, that you’re not destined to spend the rest of your life sleeping alone in a cold, twin-xl bed.

The Cafe Room in the John Hay Library

When you get so hungry while studying, but can’t bring food or water into your study space, that you just have to cry…

Otherwise: The rest of the Hay

Do you dare them to kick you out for the salty water streaming out of your eyes? Just try it, and see what happens.

The line outside of the CIT Fishbowl

Maybe you’re a student, maybe you’re a TA; either way, the three hour wait is enough for you to throw an emotional temper tantrum.

University Hall

Because ten bucks says at least one of Brown’s administrators is crying in there right now, so you might as well join them.

The new Mailroom

Initially, you went to cry here because you thought that the staff would be able to play Adele’s 25 on their jukebox, but then you remembered that it’s not available on any streaming services, so now you’re crying even more.


Any of the places on campus that you’ve heard of, but never seen

If you’re crying in Poppy’s, but Poppy’s doesn’t actually exist, are you really crying?

In the Keeney gym on an exercise bike, into your chemistry textbook/theoretical essays/own hands

Because some students have already been spotted there.

That little vent space between the carrels and the window in the Rock

What? It’s not like there’s a better use for that space that anyone can think of offhand!

In this last week of finals, we should all remember that despite some negative stigmas that surround it, expressing emotions is a healthy thing! Let it out, cry a bit (or a bunch), and you might actually feel better. If things are really tough, seek out help from a friend, or make an appointment at CAPS. No project, essay, or exam is important enough to compromise your mental well-being, and admitting you’re stressed is a sign of strength, and maturity.

Enjoy these study/weeping spots, and know that you’ve got this!


Images via Jokichi Matsubara ’18, and Caitlin Dorman ’16.

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