A Cool Thing You Probably Missed: Wedding bells in the PW Upspace

What is possibly the most romantic place on Earth? Obviously Paris the PW Upspace! Although usually reserved for student produced content such as shows and performance art, this past Sunday, visitors were instead treated to a small wedding ceremony, the brainchild of Charlotte Senders ’18 and Ben Hayslett ’18.

The masterminds behind the wedding: Charlotte Senders '18 and Ben Hayslett '18

The masterminds behind the wedding: Charlotte Senders ’18 and Ben Hayslett ’18

When Senders and Hayslett were offered the space for a Sunday show, they decided that the perfect thing to do would be to hold a wedding, especially since Senders was ordained over the summer. So in an impressive five days, they pulled together the wedding with some help from volunteers. And when the original couple fell through Saturday afternoon, they recruited two of their friends and determined the groomsmen at 1 A.M. Sunday morning.

When asked exactly why they chose to do a wedding, Hayslett answered, “I think [it’s] great to see a friendship that I really admire and make a really fucking big deal about it. . . But for the most part, we just did this originally because it would be fun.”


And it was. From the greeter handing out real programs (printed on average computer paper) to the rings exchanged (placed on pinky fingers) to the semiformal dress code, pianist, and flower arrangements, the intimate ceremony struck the perfect balance between tongue-in-cheek playfulness and tradition. After a few readings and the exchanging of vows, Senders joined the two friends in amicus and amicus, or more fondly called, amigo and amigo. And with that, the collapsible chairs were pushed out of the way for a small reception of dancing and snacks.


Although the amigo and amigo unfortunately left their rings in the upspace, leaving their future relationship yet to be determined, both Senders and Hayslett say they hope to perform more weddings in the future. Senders is currently kicking around the idea of a spring wedding in the MCM garden, so consider getting married!

Images via Julianna Brown ’18.

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