Alums release Trump diss track to the tune of Hamilton

Take a seat, Lin Manuel-Miranda. Brown alums just trumped your hit musical – literally.

Rad Motel, a New York-based comedy sketch group founded at Brown, released a parody video of the opening number from Hamilton about “Motherfucking Donald Trump.”

The simultaneous rises of Hamilton and Trump leave ample room for creative commentary. Trump, now infamous for the racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric that he’s spewed along the campaign trail, is the antithesis of Manuel-Miranda’s musical about a self-educated biracial immigrant who entered the country with nothing, rose to political prominence, penned some of the most important documents in American history and is now immortalized as a founding father of this nation.

“See if you can stop him with no more immigrants coming up from the bottom,” the mashup’s participants preen.

The mashup recounts Trump’s rise to wealth and fame and rags on his failed marriages, also pointing out the cringe-worthy comments Trump has made about his daughter, Ivanka.

The satirists also criticize the erstwhile expectation — once widespread among pundits — that Trump would somehow fall from grace of his own accord. “This dude is for real, yo. … It’s looking like he just won’t go.”

Looking ahead to future trouble of this kind, they hesitantly holler, “You will never back down. There’s no way you can win, though … right?”



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