Providence suspends open container law

For those of you haters and losers who aren’t a fan of basketball — and even worse, don’t fill out a bracket for March Madness *gasps* — you’re about to proven wrong.

Because if there’s anything that America — and Brown especially — can get behind other than apple pie and political statements on Facebook, it’s publicly, belligerently drinking. And now, in some areas of Providence, you can do that — all thanks to the NCAA Tournament games being played in the Dunkin Donuts Center.

You heard that right, Providence is currently suspending it’s open container law in an area around the Dunk in order to “contain” partying for the NCAA Tournament. Because if Yale upsets Baylor downtown, you know I’m going to spend my legally gambled money on a party with the crusty, old Yale faithful.

Unfortunately, the Dunk itself will be alcohol free, which might give some of the more aggressive fans an excuse to get that last shotgun or chug in before entering the stadium. After all, Miami’s coming to town — and if you’re rooting for the U and aren’t drunk before tip-off, are you rooting for the U at all


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