Athlete OTW: Kylor Bellistri ’16

It is with mixed emotions that the announcement must be made: Kylo Ren, infamous super villain, may face imminent displacement from his place atop the “Most well-known figures whose names begin with Kylo” rankings.

Who’s breathing down his neck? Kylor Bellistri ’16, who, after scoring three goals in the lacrosse team’s 11-8 victory over Harvard, has 23 goals this season and is now second in the nation in goals per game.

Born in Potomac, Maryland, some of whose numerous famous residents include Wolf Blitzer, Tiger Woods’ caddy, Mike Tyson and the Vice President of Nigeria, Bellistri is on a scoring rampage. Last year, he scored 35 goals in 17 games. This year, by his 17th game, if he continues his current pace, he’ll have 65.

The Lacrosse team, currently ranked No. 4 in the nation, is 6-0 (1-0 Ivy) and turning heads having reached its highest national ranking since 1994. The Bears lead the nation with 17.33 goals per game, of which Bellistri has contributed 3.83, and 11.33 assists per game.

For his increased scoring output and two clutch goals against Harvard, Kylor “I wouldn’t have shot Han” Bellistri has been named The Herald’s Athlete of the Week.

Herald: Do you have a rap name, or a pro wrestling name, or anything like that?

Bellistri: Some of the guys who graduated a year or two ago started calling me “K-Bombs,” which kind of stuck on the team, but I wouldn’t say I have a rap name.

Do you have any unique or funny lacrosse moments?

We all have a lot of fun in practice on any given day, but I guess Dylan Molloy ’17 is a big goofball, and he’s always got us cracking up and everything, just being absurd, and it’s always funny to see a guy, for how talented he is, he’s always one of the guys having the most fun. He’s a funny aspect of our team, which helps everyone have a fun time.

If Brown had to pick a new mascot that accurately represented our sports — besides lacrosse — what would it be?

The Brown Bear logo is a funny logo, we always talk about it. It always looks like more of a tired bear, not really an aggressive bear, which could be something. … Brown, athletically, it’s not as big, so you don’t have the huge crazy bear, but I think maybe … probably … I don’t know.

Beatles or Stones?


If you could be any non-athletic celebrity, who are you, and why?

Well, if I was an athletic celebrity, I’d want to be a golfer, I think that would be awesome. Non-athletic celebrity, definitely not Justin Bieber or anyone like that … any kind of — well no, actually, I wouldn’t want to be a movie star … these are questions that I should give some thought to. Probably a musician, maybe one of the classic rock ‘n’ roll musicians. That’d be crazy, it would be a good time.

It’s the biggest game of your life, you’ve got to eat a huge pregame meal somewhere on campus. Where are you going?

I’d have to say Jo’s. I’ve always been a big fan of Jo’s, either spicy with or turkey carb with is my go-to in any given situation. Yeah, I have to say Jo’s — it’s been true to me my whole time at Brown.

Tell me about the name Kylor, and also, when “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” came out, whether you heard no end of Kylo Ren jokes.

Kylor is not a family name or anything. My parents had a friend in college whose name was Kylor, they thought it was a really cool name, and thought it was just something different. Yeah, my buddy, for Halloween, was Kylo Ren, so I heard a lot of that … there was an article about Kylo Ren and they crossed out the last part of it. … I’ve heard some good jokes about that, I don’t think that’ll end any time soon.

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