Everyone Loves (Ken’s) Ramen

Ramen holds a special place in college students’ hearts. We depend on late night meals to keep our study grind going, often leading to a date with noodle cups.

Once you get a taste of Ken’s Ramen, a mere 10-minute walk from the Faunce steps, you’ll never want to eat shitty ramen out of a Styrofoam microwavable cup again. Brown and RISD students can easily walk to Ken’s Ramen, get an extra Hirata pork bun from the money saved on an Uber and call it a reward for exercising. Sometimes I debate going there and just ordering 10 pork buns for my meal. But then, I remember just how delicious the noodles are.

A few weeks ago, my grandpa and dad paid me a visit from Wisconsin. My grandpa is normally hard to please when it comes to … well, everything, so we brought him to Ken’s Ramen for dinner. After waiting about an hour for a table (yes, it’s worth it and yes, he did complain), we got seated and ordered immediately. We couldn’t wait to shove our faces and slurp down the entirety of our ramen bowl.

Anything you order will be great, seriously. You won’t be disappointed unless you decide to skip the pork bun appetizer; then, you’ll have a problem.

Last weekend, my grandpa and dad went to visit my brother in Minnesota. When they were deciding where to go for dinner, my grandfather suggested, “Ken’s Ramen!”  My dad laughed and said, “Grandpa, wrong state.” Not sure if my grandpa is just getting old, or Ken’s Ramen is really just that good. Either way, check out Ken’s the next time you’re complaining about the lack of new eatery options on College Hill.

This message is approved by your grandpa.

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