What we’ve all been waiting for

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Bear Bucks.


Now we can!!!!

As of yesterday, Bear Bucks is ready for the 21st century. According to an email from the Brown Card Office, CIS, Financial Services and Campus Life and Student Services (What a coalition! Is there anything they can’t do?!) to all undergraduates, credit card deposits to Bear Bucks through the GET online portal are now possible. Today, the buck stopped at the add-value-kiosk punch pad. Tomorrow, the buck stops for nothing.

As for the quaint kiosks… don’t worry. They’re not going anywhere. You can still add cash at any of the Value Port machines on campus, or your grandma can mail a check to the cashier’s office (through this opens up a whole new ballgame for your hip grandma, who now has a direct line to your Blue State account. And with a $10 minimum online deposit — not to mention a fill-in-the-blank “add value” line — Grandma’s random act of love could take you a long way).

So, laundry-doers, Blue State-drinkers and bookstore-buyers, forget about cash deposits. Getcha head in the internet game. Get ready for a whole new Bear Bucks experience (well, almost. The GET app doesn’t support two-step verification. You know, two steps forwards, one step back… that’s life).


Oh, and a PSA from our friends at the Brown Card Office: If your card is lost, log into your GET portal to freeze the card. Don’t let Grandma’s birthday gift run dry!



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