Adoch and 4/20 collide

4/20 falls during ADOCH this year. Or, rather, ADOCH falls during 4/20, quite possibly the most important holiday for Brown students and those who enjoy a little “reefer madness” here and there.

Of course, with ADOCH come pre-frosh, as well as the parents of said pre-frosh. The race is on to see which host gets asked for weed first. Brownie points to the set of parents that ask to join the rotation on the Main Green. Double brownie points if they are with their kids.

But 4/20 is not just dedicated to weed. In 2010, the deepwater horizon exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Apollo 16 landed on the Moon. And how could you forget the League of Nations dissolving on 4/20/1946? Incidentally, Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly and Killer Mike were both born on 4/20; will they share a birthday blunt? Who knows!

Smoking cannabis in Rhode Island can have consequences, so just remember the Brown bubble is not impenetrable and therefore not ideal for hot-boxing. If you’re too baked to distinguish Bro-Po from the Pro-Po, you probably shouldn’t pass the J to them.

For all those interested, Blog will also be taking bets on the over/under for acceptances revoked by the admission office on 4/21. The current number is 300, so pre-frosh, prove all those who take the under wrong!


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