Artist OTW: Pom Bunsermvicha ’16

This week’s artist of the week is filmmaker Pom Bunsermvicha ’16.

Originally from Thailand, Pom first discovered her love of film during her time at boarding school in California, where she wanted to document her life in the United States with video.

“It started from the desire to document things, and then I realized that I could tell a story with them,” Pom said.

“I began to discover editing and storytelling,” she said. “It was so much fun.”

But her time as a serious filmmaker began when she arrived at Brown and immersed herself in the film scene on campus, she said.

In addition to concentrating in Modern Culture and Media, Pom is also involved in Brown Motion Pictures and has had her work featured in the Ivy Film Festival.

Pom spent the fall semester of her junior year at the renowned FAMU International film school in Prague, where she created the film titled “10:10,” which was officially selected for IFF in 2015 and has participated in film festivals all over the world.

This year, her film “COACH” won the 48-hour film competition at IFF, and “Graduation Speech” was featured as an official selection.

Filmed on 16mm, “Graduation Speech” tells the story of a high school salutatorian as she prepares to publicly give a speech at graduation while also privately wrestling with her own insecurities.

With her own graduation quickly approaching, Pom reflects back on her four years here. “The shift of documenting to fiction” was “the culmination of my entire career at Brown,” she said. “My journey at Brown has been embracing what fiction can do.”

After graduation, Pom plans to move to New York City, where she will work at a film distribution company, but “it’s not permanent,” she said.

“I just want to keep growing and learning,” she said, adding that she is excited to travel. “I’m not trying to plan it all out.”

“Graduation Speech,” written by Lanna Leite ’14 and directed by Pom Bunsermvicha, was an official selection of IFF this spring.

Correction: A previous version of this post stated that “10:10” and “Graduation Speech” were winners of the Ivy Film Festival. In fact, they were official selections of IFF. Also, the post stated that “COACH” was featured in IFF. In fact, it won the 48-hour film competition. Blog regrets the errors. 

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