Phi Beta Kappa inducts 99 seniors

Ninety-nine members of the Class of 2016 were elected to the Rhode Island chapter of Phi Beta Kappa April 20, Chapter Administrator Mary Jo Foley wrote in an email to The Herald.

Phi Beta Kappa’s Brown chapter was founded in 1830 and is the seventh oldest in the nation. The organization “encourages intellectual distinction among undergraduates by recognizing outstanding academic accomplishment in the course of a broad liberal education,” according to the University’s website.

To be eligible for election, seniors must have completed at least 28 courses in their seven semesters and achieved a minimum of 23 grades of A or S with distinction. Students must earn an additional A or S with distinction for every C they get. Students who studied abroad needed to earn a lower minimum number of grades of A or S with distinction that varied based on the number of semesters they studied abroad.

The following seniors were elected this year:

Christian M. Ackmann

Lawrence B. Ahn

Maria Paz Almenara

Carlin S. Armstrong

Kiki M. Barnes, former Herald managing editor

Ashley E. Batson

Tyler S. Beck

Fletcher M. Bell

Christian J. Bermel

Katherine E. Boorstein

Justin R. Braga

Athena C. Bryan

Maria Camila Bustos

Hannah L. Camhi

Roy F. Chen

Bridget G. Corrigan

Liam J. Dean-Johnson

Rosario J. Dispenza

Michael L. Dubin, former Herald editor-in-chief and president

Tsvetomira I. Dumbalska

Sophie S. Duncan

Layla M. Ehsan

Dylan T. Felt

Claire E. Frechette

Ross Henry Freiman-Mendel

Evan M. Fuller

Anna Gasha

Emma B. Gleeman

Vanshika B. Goenka

Alexander S. Gourley

Juyeon Han

Rebecca C. Harris

Isobel A. Heck, former Herald senior editor

Abigail R. Heingartner

Miriam E. Hinthorn

Meghan G. Holloway, former Herald editorial page board

Kian M. Ivey

Elana F. Jaffe, former Herald senior staff writer

James N. Janison

Katherine A. Johnson

Alexander L. Kanov

Katherine E. Kiernan, former Herald metro and opinions editor

Ji Sun Kim

Younhun Kim

Sabrina Kunselman

Melissa A. Kuriloff

Penelope C. Kyritsis

Vanessa Labrador

Katherine R. Lamb, former Herald metro editor

Jillian E. Lanney, former Herald managing editor

Elizabeth C. Lanzillo

Rachel D. Leiken

James D. Lentivech

Julia S. Leung

Xueling Lynette Lim

Elizabeth A. Linfield

Birch D. Malotky

Carly M. Margolis

Anna M. Martin

Paul E. Martin

Emma P. Milward

Vivian S. Morgowicz

Elise M. Mortensen

Isabela Muci Barradas

Sarah C. Nesi

Harrison J. Neuert

Matthew L. Ostrow

Abigail L. Perreault

Nina C. Perrotta

Katherine E. Pollock

Victoria M. Powers

Samantha L. Reback

Claire Rhee

Emily B. Riemer

Daniel H. Rothman

Sarah M. Sachs

Sameer M. Sarkar

Jonathan S. Schear

Yvette L. Schein

Teodora D. Shaleva

Nicole A. Shimer

Joshua S. Silver

Hannah E. Silverman

Kaila E. Smilen

Andrew J. Smyth, former Herald Arts & Culture Editor

Yan Jing Lloyd Soh

Maya Sorabjee

Elizabeth S. Stanfield

Lloyd Kevin A. Sy

Sana Teramoto

Alyssa W. Toh

Frank A. Troncoso

Daniel C. Wilhite

Benjamin S. Williams

Eve M. Woldemikael

Emily M. Wright

Sophie R. Yan, former Herald staff writer

Zhaohan Zhang

Haoyun Zhou

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