In 1rown Town 2 they say 333 that there’s only one way in and one way out 44.

That means you are stuck here for the next four years 5!

There’s a rumor that it’s the happiest place on Earth7. Apparently people run around the library 8 and hand out donuts too! There are super smart 10 and cool people 11 here. If you want to be smart and cool, you have to forward this article to 10 people12131415121314151213or else you will have a horrible semester. If you get fewer than 5 articles back, you will gain the freshman 1516. If you get 5 articles back, you will be just about as popular as a certain statue on campus 17. If you get more than 10 articles back 18, that means you’re lucky enough to graduate 19 from the coolest 20 Ivy there is 21.

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