Should we move on from the Rock Challenge?

As evidenced by the 12 Olympic gold medalists in our school’s history, Brown students are pretty goal-oriented (though we may pretend not to be) and will readily take on challenges. In fact, we are generally pretty fond of them, especially when they involve our favorite campus libraries.

[Note: for those who do not know, the SciLi Challenge entails taking a shot on each level of the SciLi. The Rock Challenge requires having sex on each floor of the Rock. The John Hay Challenge is just doing your homework — sorry. Please use caution, hydration and protection when drinking or having sex in or outside of libraries. Love, BlogDailyHerald]


Though traditions like the Rock Challenge can be an important part of the college experience, it’s important to remember that any type of public sex, no matter how consensual between partners, violates the consent of bystanders who did not ask to be involved.

Despite liberal attitudes at Brown, many people would be made to feel uncomfortable by witnessing a public sex act. No matter how hot y’all may think you are, no one wants to look up from their laptop to make awkward eye-contact as you and your half-naked partner(s) smack against the bookshelves.


So, if you want to invite your orgo class to watch you experiment, that’s cool. But if you want to get eaten out at the Ratty or blown at Jo’s, where someone’s always working, maybe stick to role playing awkward run-in buffet line chit chat in your dorm’s twin bed.

Despite the fact that I’ve just ruined the quintessential Brown sex challenge for you, I still believe challenges make life worth living. Here are some sex challenges that are even better than the Rock Challenge.

1. Screw in the classroom that most screwed you over: Bonus points if the class is related to anatomy and physiology, sexuality or socialization.

2. Masturbate without shame: on the one hand, it’s fun. On the other hand, it’s also fun.

3. Allow yourself to be happy for other people’s awesome sex lives. This way you get to hear great stories and your friends have another person to come to. 😉

4. Allow yourself to be happy for your own awesome sex life (even if it’s just by yourself because that still counts #get it y’all).


5. Try a kink/position/toy you’re comfortable with, but not especially interested in, just to try.

6. Get tested, for your own benefit. Also, for your partners’ benefit.

7. Try a kink/position/toy you’re comfortable with and especially interested in trying, because you want to and you should make yourself happy.

8. Find porn you like. Porn can be video, text, gif, sculpture, whatever, just recognize that it provides you joy and don’t disparage that. Honor your porn, honor yourself.


9. Write erotica, draw porn, script a porno. Bonus points if it’s Brown-themed or you manage to turn it in for a class.

10. Give yourself time to be sexual and to be celibate like you would to be social and asocial. If you’re always turned on, you’re probably going to run out of batteries (especially if a vibe is your vibe).


Now if these are too aboveboard to titillate you like campus coitus, then stick to the gender-neutral bathrooms in the libraries, the showers in the CIT or the times when floors are vacated. Also, for reference, the sexth, excuse me, sixth floor of the SciLi is rarely frequented.

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