Thayer Street Face-Off

The “I Can’t Cook Book” is the title of a never-opened cookbook that magically appeared in the living room of the apartment I share with my roommates. I assume that this book is meant for me because my roommates have no trouble cooking for themselves and getting all of their nutrients in. I, on the other hand, have been living solely on the classic college meals: eggs, pb&j, grilled cheese, Ramen, mac ‘n’ cheese and sautéed spinach (which my roommates just taught me to make). Sometimes I consume all of these things in one day, but if I’m lucky, my roommates will make extra food, and I can eat a real meal.

Coming to college, I was expecting this. My mom (whose Christmas present will be the “I Can’t Cook Book” from my apartment) cannot cook either, so my family orders out for pretty much every meal. I am close to doing this with the restaurants on Thayer. I’ve survived two weeks on my repertoire of recipes, but I don’t think I can last much longer. Everyone knows that on Thayer street, there are important rivalries to explore.

Chipotle v Baja’s

Baja’s, hands down. I know a lot of people may disagree, but you can get Chipotle anywhere, and I like to stay away from chains when possible. The first night of college I ended up at Baja’s eating fries — yes they have fries. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Favorite menu item: just a regular cheese quesadilla

Tealuxe v Starbucks

I once tried to order coffee at Tealuxe. They totally were judging me. Save the embarrassment and just go to Starbucks to feed your coffee addiction.

Favorite drink from Tealuxe: Frozen Matcha

Favorite drink from Starbucks: Triple, Venti, Half-Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato, No Foam, Decaf, with Espresso, Mocha and Whip

Nice Slice v Antonio’s

Come on, you can’t go wrong with pizza. Especially at 2 a.m.

Favorite slice: Cheese drenched in ranch

La Creperie v Meeting Street

Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, dinner or a snack, I’m always down for a sweet crepe.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m due for a Meeting Street cookie.  Not a half one, a full one.

Favorite crepe: S’mores

Favorite cookie: Chocolate Chip (with ice cream of course)

FroyoWorld v Ben and Jerry’s

Just go buy a pint at CVS, you know you’re going to eat it all.

Favorite ice cream: Half-baked

I’m glad this article allowed me to skip a grocery store trip and just eat on Thayer.


  1. Julie Cholak

    I already have that book so get me something else for Christmas! Mom

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