I went to KUNG FU TEA everyday for a week just because of this article and here’s what happened:

DAY 1:  

*First day going to KUNG FU TEA

It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to order.  It seems like there are an infinite number of drink options.  After asking the cashier a bunch of questions, I finally ended up ordering some type of coffee drink.  After my ordering debacle, I grabbed a to-go menu and was determined to show up tomorrow confidently knowing what I’m going to say when I order.

DAY 2:

After studying the menu between classes, I strutted into KUNG FU TEA like I owned the place. I had a perfectly well thought out order in mind: Iced coffee with caramel, cream, and bubbles. Nope, that’s not on the menu. Again, I ended up with some type of coffee drink. Back to square one.

DAY 3:

Today was the day I ordered successfully! I got a large iced latte with bubbles, my go-to order now. This was my big accomplishment of the day.  Coffee has never tasted so good.

img_2371-1Small ( ) iced latte with bubbles

DAY 4:

I met up with my friend to study (something other than the menu this time).  She introduced me to one of her friends who was hanging out with us.  I opened my mouth to say hi after taking a sip, and a bubble flew right out.  Yup, I spit a bubble straight at this girl. I’m sure I just ruined her whole experience of KUNG FU TEA. So, on behalf of KUNG FU TEA, I would like to formally apologize to this girl, whose name I forgot.  If you happen to read this, please reach out to me and I will buy you a KUNG FU TEA, without the bubbles.

DAY 5:

Since I still haven’t gone to the grocery store, I decided to go to KUNG FU TEA for every meal today- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I managed getting through the day with: 1 large iced latte with bubbles, 1 large matcha tea with bubbles, and 1 large almond tea milk with bubbles.  Surprisingly, for just $15/day at KUNG FU TEA, you can survive– still a much better deal than meal plan.

DAY 6:

I kept finding myself having KUNG FU TEA thoughts throughout the day, such as: Can you just order a cup full of bubbles?  Do you think the employees get to eat bubbles all day?  Should I go get another iced latte with bubbles?

DAY 7:  

Today, I went to KUNG FU TEA for one last time before I had to turn in this article.  Of course, after I have made NINE purchases of tea in the past 6 days, KUNG FU TEA asks me if I want a “Rewards Card.”  Excuse me?  A rewards card?  They hand me a card that reads: “Providence- KungFuTea Drink Card- 11TH Drink Is On Us!”

Looks like I’ll have to keep going to KUNG FU TEA to fill my punch card.  
Nicely played KUNG FU TEA, nicely played.

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