Niche YouTube channels that will make you appreciate YouTube’s weirdness even more

Ants Canada

Comparing ant species, raising ant colonies and doing the American Ant Challenge — these are just some examples of the topics covered by this channel, which focuses on anything and everything ant-related. It is run by an ant aficionado from the Philippines who loves to learn and teach others about ants by housing them in colonies in his home. The best part is just how well made these videos are. The footage is good quality, there are voiceovers, time lapses, expert angles, a variety of shots, seamless transitions and so much ant knowledge. It seems as if the YouTube channel is run just by this one guy, but judging by its website, AntsCanada is a prospering company that sells supplies for housing and maintaining ant colonies.

Favorite Quote: “If you look carefully there at the top, you’ll notice that there’s a grouping of ants just kind of sitting there — sitting there as if … they were planning something, or waiting for something. Based on experience, when ants do this, I’ve found that they are ready to make an escape.” (From video titled “OMG! My Fire Ants Are Planning an Escape”)

The Slow Mo Guys

Using HD movie-grade cameras worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy dedicate this channel solely to filming random things in slow motion. These videos show you things that your eyes cannot catch on their own. Some favorites include “Slow Mo Rainbow Flame – 4K – The Slow Mo Guys,” “Paint on a Speaker at 2500fps – The Slow Mo Guys,” “Jelly Tennis – The Slow Mo Guys,” I love the goofy intros, dramatic music and the actually beautiful and interesting images they end up creating with each video.

Favorite Quote: “I feel like you could make anything look good in slow mo.” (From video titled “Slow Mo Guys Channel Trailer”)
(Similar Channels: Hydraulic Press Channel and the “Will It Blend?” series from Blendtec)


Created by Ian Britt, owner of a pogo stick company called Vurtego, this channel features videos that will teach you more than you will ever need or want to know about pogo sticks, from how to use one to how to maintain one. His devotion to pogo sticks is inspiring, as silly as it may sound. Some of the tricks he shows himself doing are quite impressive and potentially dangerous.

Favorite Quote: “There are TWO *crosses arms with both hands displaying peace signs* that we do to keep our sticks bouncing like new.” (From video titled “Adding Lube to Your Pogo Stick)

Primitive Technology

Through demonstrative tutorials on living in the wild with things like grass huts, bows and arrows and slings, this channel teaches you various skills, from hunting to building to cooking. The creator of this channel is an Australian native, who fans often think has military training, but is really just a self-taught professional survivor who proves to all of us lazy people at home that we really should get better hobbies. Though he only joined the world of YouTube a little over a year ago, with consistent releases of one new video per month, he has gained over 3 million subscribers and over 153 million views on his videos.

Favorite Quote: “When I watch how-to (sic) videos, I fast forward past the talking part to see the action part. So I leave it out of my videos in favor of pure demonstration” (from the “About” page on his channel).

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