Donut get a food tattoo

Posted on the “Brown University Class of 2018” page. No one reached out to me.

Last year, my dad and I got our first tattoos together — a matching sun. Less than a year later, my dad turned that into a sleeve and I ended up with two more tattoos. We decided it was time for another father-daughter tat. This time, we got matching donut tattoos!

Yes, matching donut tattoos.

My dad owns a donut shop, Mike’s Donuts and Chicken, in Kenosha, WI. Every summer, I manage the donut shop. Nothing beats working there — the fresh smell of donuts, the hot and fresh donuts, the access to donuts 24/7. The best place on earth.

My dad basically pays me to eat donuts. Just kidding, it’s a little harder than that. I hold the responsibility of making sure we have the BEST donuts. A daunting task.

Like to bless your TL

Now I’m always thinking about donut ideas — new flavors, new designs, new deliciousness. Donuts have really taken over my life:

My room is now filled with donut pillows and posters.

I only talk in donut congregations (do not=donut).

I have donut apparel.

I write in a donut notebook.

My phone is filled with pictures of donuts.

Once I ate 12 donuts in one day.

I am the co-founder and co-Presidonut of Brown Donut Club (pending approval).

fullsizerender-4I’ve got you beat man.

But wait, there’s more!

I have not one, but TWO donuts tattooed on me.

img_6613Marc Jacobs only has one donut tattooed on him.

What was supposed to be one donut turned into two. The tattoo artist accidentally tattooed the design upside down. To try and fix this, he added the same design on top to make it look like a mirrored image. Ha-ha oh well, we all make mistakes! What’s better than one donut? Two!

img_6810Best dad in the world who willingly got the messed up tattoo after me

I am living with two donuts tattooed on me. I was hoping that writing this article would have given me some closure on this ugly tattoo — it hasn’t. Despite this betrayal, I still love donuts.

Stay tuned for more of my donut stories, eatings and critiques. And remember, donuts are meant to be in your stomach, not tattooed on your arm.

Take a “Flonut” shot every time the word “donut” is written in this article.


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