Chicken Finger Friday


For those who miss the unhealthy brilliance and splendor of high school cafeteria lunches, and are tired of the Ratty’s usual offerings, Chicken Finger Friday serves as a much-needed break. Entering the VDub and walking though the brashly painted walls, one catches the heavenly scent of that chicken. After a long week, filled with homework, late-night reading, and the occasional, fear-inducing midterm (one of which I am writing this article instead of studying for!), there is no better way to let all the tension out then grabbing a plate, throwing those hunks of fried goodness on top of it, and spraying sauce all over. Ketchup and mustard are common choices, but for those who really know how to eat, hot sauce is the only way to go.

To give an honest picture, Chicken Finger Friday can be a bit of a free-for-all. Hyper and tense, freshmen elbow and grapple for position. Hands frantically reach for tongs. Sauces get everywhere—on the floor, on shirts, hands, fingers, and especially napkins. The VDub is at full capacity; tables are entirely surrounded, every little corner taken up, every chair slid into impossibly tight spaces.

Eventually, one always finds oneself crammed around a small table with about nine or ten other friends, sitting on  half of a wooden chair, teetering on the edge of falling on the floor. Plates cover the entire table surface. Everything is encased by a coat of stickiness. Yet nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with a successful Chicken Finger Friday. The meal signals the dawning of the weekend, the end of the darkness of a mid-semester school week, and more than anything else, is reminiscent of those heavenly meals that featured McDonalds and Burger King chicken nuggets.

At Brown, some of the littlest things bring the greatest pleasure. It’s important to appreciate them. As some have taken to saying, “Chicken Finger Friday is life.”


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