Deluise Bakery

This is part of a “Mini-Donut” series, brought to you by Brown Donut Club (pending approval).

Even after dressing up as a donut three times over Halloween weekend, I still wasn’t sick of them. In fact, I was due to eat one because it had been over a week since I’ve had a delectable donut, so I visited Providence’s DeLuise Bakery.

Yelp Reviews for DeLuise Bakery:


I think AJ and I would be friends.


Alright, Jackie.


Well shit.


Ha-Ha, Elena!

A few things you need to know:

1) There are 3 locations that pop up when you search DeLuise Bakery.  Go to:  

1251 Chalkstone Avenue, Providence, RI 02908

This is the closest location to Brown (approx. 2.5 miles). It also is open and sells donuts! I have no clue whether the other two locations are still open or not because DeLuise is a bit behind on technology.

2) It is not open on Mondays. I found the wrong hours online and showed up on a Monday ready to get donuts. I ended up being very disappointed.

Ok, on to the good stuff: THE DONUTS.


Can a picture really be low quality if there are donuts in it?

They have 6 different kinds of donuts:

  1. Yeast donut with chocolate frosting — a.k.a. their best one
  2. Jelly-filled yeast donut
  3. Plain cake donut
  4. Cake donut with chocolate frosting
  5. Yeast sugar donut
  6. Yeast sugar long-john donut

I ordered a half dozen of the yeast donut with chocolate frosting. Donut worry; I didn’t eat them all; I did share. Yeast donuts are the light, airy donuts. Your classic glazed donut would be an example. Cake donuts are denser and more cake like (as you can assume from the name).

The yeast donut itself wasn’t anything special. But the frosting made it. It’s not a buttercream or a glaze; it’s a special kind of secret chocolate frosting. I wish that the donut had three times the amount of frosting that it had. Next time, I think I would just order one donut and try out their Italian specialty desserts.

Though the frosting was great, the donut itself wasn’t wowing me.

My Rating: 3 stars, for great frosting on an okay donut 

Though, I did scarf the whole thing down so fast that I forgot to take a close-up picture of it.


My friend had to send me a Snapchat of his last bite for me.

Feel free to comment donut places in the area that I should try. Stay tuned for the next donut review. And remember: Life is too short. Eat the donut.

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