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KNEAD Doughnuts is an artistry doughnut shop located in downtown Providence. They specialize in beautifully simplistic donuts in flavors like Old-Fashioned, Cake, Brioche, Filled, and Frittered.

Last month, Brown University Donut Club had the honor of eating and critiquing one of KNEAD’s best sellers, the Raspberry Fritter. As they describe it as, chopped brioche pieces formed together with fresh raspberry and topped with a raspberry glaze.


KNEAD Doughnut’s Raspberry Fritter








Here is Brown University Donut Club’s official review of KNEAD Doughnuts’ Raspberry Fritter:

This donut was judged on a 5-point scale (1 being ew and 5 being WOW!) based on the donut’s appearance, taste, and texture.



Members of Brown Donut Club critique KNEAD’s Raspberry Fritter Donut.







Appearance: 3.55

This fritter isn’t the most attractive of donuts.  Luckily though, it’s not supposed to be! It pretty much fit the standard guidelines of the universal fritter: It is an appropriate size, it is knotted, and it is simplistic in that it is not trying to be anything fancier than a fritter. Because of this, the fritter holds no pretention, and, unfortunately, can be mislabeled as a little boring. KNEAD made this fritter pop with its eccentric red glaze, which catches the eye and gets the taste buds excited.   

Some critics compared its look to that of “human hearts” and “meatballs.” We can assure you, it tastes much better than human hearts and meatballs.

Taste: 4.5

It was unanimous— the donut was delicious…. Although, if you don’t like raspberries, we don’t recommend it. The fritter was flavorful because the frosting and fresh raspberries are rolled into the dough before it’s even fried. This gives a vibrant taste to each bite.

“Excellent! The seeds make it authentic.  The fritter is fully coated in frosting, which is nice because there is no spot missing frosting.”

“Really excellent tartness to the raspberry frosting followed by the really sweet glaze. The end result is a delightful contrast.”

The reason the fritter didn’t get a perfect 5 is because some consumers believed it to be too sweet.

Texture: 4.1

There was much dispute over the texture of the fritter. Some consumers found it to be perfectly soft and crunchy.  Others believed that this soft to crunchy ratio was off.

“I liked the hard coating on thee outside with the sugar that melted in my mouth underneath. That combined with the level of softness of the donut worked well for me.”

“Chewy on the inside, perfectly fried on the outside.”

“Could be a bit chewier on the inside.”

“It melted in my mouth! Except, the frosting is a bit gooey.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.27.48 PM

Your donut-critics.

Overall Score: 4.05

KNEAD’s Raspberry Fritter will be in the running for Brown University Donut Club’s “Best Fruit Flavored Donut in Rhode Island” competition. In April, Ma’s Donuts will submit their entry to Brown Donut Club. Stay tuned and, in the meantime, go get yourself one (we suggest more) of KNEAD’s raspberry fritter!

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