Dining Halls, an Official Ranking (and Not At All a Completely Biased List I Made Up)


Weekdays: Ratty or V-dub (because you don’t have much of an option)

Andrews doesn’t open until lunch, and the Blue Room will drain all of your points, so your best bet for weekday breakfast is either the Ratty or the V-dub.

Both have omelets made-to-order, cereal, fruit, and all the other breakfast essentials. But even though the waffle maker at the V-dub is way underrated, who really has the time to walk all the way to North campus before morning classes? Plus, for some reason, the Ratty’s coffee is much superior to the V-dub’s.


Weekends: ANDREWS! (or Blue Room)

Nothing beats Andrews Commons brunch so please don’t try to fight me on this. The granola bowls make you feel like a beacon of health, even though we both know you poisoned your body the night before–and the breakfast burritos are so worth the line. You can put TATER TOTS in your breakfast burritos. What more could a hungover college student ask for?

But if you’re not feelin’ the walk over to Pembroke or don’t want to wait until 11 for breakfast at Andrews to open, Blue Room muffins are always a good call–plus the weekend is the only time you can use meal credits there, so you might as well take advantage. Blue Room also has way better coffee than Andrews.


Weekdays: The Ratty, Andrews, or V-dub

This one’s tough….

The burritos/ burrito bowls at the V-dub and the Poké bowls at Andrews are pretty unbeatable, but if you’re not a Pembroke dweller, they’re just SO far away…

The Blue Room only takes points after 4 on weekdays, so if you’re not willing to make the trek to Pembroke, you’re kinda only left with the Ratty. But the Ratty is just so…bleh. If you have the time, Andrews and the V-dub are the move.

Weekends: Andrews or Blue Room, Part 2

Weekend lunch options are basically the same as weekend breakfast options–especially since the V-dub isn’t open on weekends, Ratty lunches make me sad, and so many of us sleep in until lunch on the weekend, anyway.


Weekdays: Blue Room, Jo’s, or Andrews

Blue Room: burrito bowls on Wednesdays are SO good, the Kabob and Curry station on Tuesdays and Thursdays are always so yummy, and you can now get sushi on Fridays! The soup is also perfect for cold days.

Andrews: the Wok station is a personal favorite–especially curry night on Mondays!

Jo’s: chopped salads are a great healthy choice, as long as you’re willing to commit to the slow line.

Weekends: Andrews

Sadly, the Blue Room is closed for dinner on the weekends, so your best bet is Andrews Commons or Jo’s…unless you wanna go to the Ratty (but again, bleh).


Weekdays: Ivy Room

For weeknight late night snacks, the Ivy Room is the move. They have smoothies, tacos, avocado toast, and falafel wraps that are super tasty and healthy!

Weekends: Jo’s

Jo’s is definitely the place to be at 1 am on a weekend. After a long night of partying, all you want is a giant serving of fries, onion rings, or mozzarella sticks–and obviously a spicy with. The Ivy Room is closed on weekends, but even if it was open, would any partygoer really choose a green smoothie over greasy fries?

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