What in Tarnation!: a look ahead at weird courses for fall 2018

Defense Against the Dark Arts in the Ancient World

Not only did Emma Watson go here, but we literally have a class called Defense Against the Dark Arts. It’s pretty obvious that Brown is the site of a massive underground conspiracy to hide a wizard college in plain sight. I mean, look at this lineup for the spring semester.

I get it, we go to the Muggle part of Hogwarts, it’s fine, I’m not still seething from never getting my letter when I was little.


Of Dice and Men

For all those people looking for a fun class, you’ve found it. It does, however, make one wonder at how professors and departments decide courses.

Professor Walsh: Hey, how do you think I could get the department to pay for a bunch of board games?

Chair: If you teach a class on it, you could always make a request as long as it’s not too…

Dr. Walsh: ON IT!!

This sounds like the perfect class for board game enthusiasts and people who need a bit of a break.


Life in a Shell

For all those sophomores looking for a fun STEM class to supplement their schedule (@orgo people please be ok) or just people with a predilection towards turtles, this is the class for you. The Critical Review estimates that for the low price of around 3 hours a week, you too can learn all about turtles. With luck, you’ll be able to identify Mitch McConnell’s species at the end!


Introduction to Sleep

This is class that everyone at Brown should definitely at least shop or think about shopping to better acquaint themselves with the whole sleep schedule thing–especially considering its 2.8 hour weekly workload. This class will certainly help students maintain some semblance of order in their sleep schedule.

Freshman First Semester Me: Well of course I’ll keep up a good sleep schedule! I’m very responsible!

Grizzled Second-Semester Me, @ 2:34 am, working on problem set: I’ll sleep when I’m dead.


Before Wikipedia

Ah Wikipedia, the only reason I’ve ever semi-successfully written an essay. If you want to learn more about how people did homework before the internet, this is the way (although it should honestly be tagged under archeology).


The Jazz of Modern Physics

You heard it right the first time. The Jazz of Physics. Not the Physics of Jazz. If you want to get roasted every second of every day by physics majors, take this course as you learn how physics is jazz?

I certainly hope you do.

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