Class of 2020 Admitted Students Introduction

Post by Noah Etal:

Hey guys… I know I’m a little bit late to the party (this is a poorly-disguised and jealousy-fuelled jab at all you ED folks that got into your first choice) but my mom likes to joke that I’ve been late for everything including my birth. I will now proceed to share even more uncomfortably intimate information about myself in this post, including fun facts about my deep childhood trauma and commitment issues.

However, I’m already 100 words in, so I also think I’m long overdue to humble brag about the Pulitzer-winning book I published last year. Oh, and I’ll also casually mention how I found the cure for cancer last week, but I haven’t really accomplished much in my teenage years.

Just in case you guys are still intimidated by the little that I have actually managed to accomplish, I’m going to try and seem relatable by mentioning a few things here that no one actually likes but pretends to because they’re supposed to be so niche. So here are a few things about me:

  1. I love Rick & Morty! I mean, I feel like I’m much smarter than Rick, but whatever.
  2. And now, just to seem well-rounded, I’m going to tell you how sporty I am and how much I love basketball, even though I’ve only played it once and broke my hand while being tackled.

3.To bring it home, I’m going to drop casual references about how much I love to play guitar, even though I actually only know how to play an Em chord.

  1. I never really did much in high school besides build my resume so I’m kind of running out of things to list here.

Anyway… enough about me! I want to know something about you guys too- (well not really, but my mother said I won’t make any friends if I only talk about myself). What are your favourite plants? (Mine’s tickseed!! I love the way the seeds cling to your clothes- kinda like Desperation- by Marc Jacobs, obviously.)

Either way– it was nice talking to you guys, but I have to go listen to Tchaikovksy while I reconcile quantum and classical physics now! HMU if you wanna get to know each other J

I’ll see you guys in September!! (unless I get off the waitlist for Princeton)


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O.Vera Cheever So maybe its a little cliche but I feel like Rick & Morty is kind of stupid. I prefer documentaries about the economy- any Econ majors wanna HMU?

Bizzy B @O.Vera OMG same— message me


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